Saturday, June 13, 2009

A homecoming and a farewell.

Blogger's note: This is the last post on Elder Arnett's blog. He's home now and so we bid farewell to this site. For more info on him text, facebook him or call him. What a ride it has been. Above are some homecoming photos in no particular order.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What to bring back home? Bring You!!!!!!!!

Dearest Parentals.

Well one more email day to go. I have a few serious questions. What do you want me to bring home of all the stuff. I've got tons of books and that will weigh a lot. I was wondering if I could leave my destroyed clothes here. I'm also wanting to leave a lot of my old white shirts here. I have new ones that I've received here and are nicer and I want to bring them home. Also, I was thinking about bringing my old tracting shoes home as a trophy, but I don't know what you guys think. Also, could we maybe buy me new fitness shoes when I get home, then I don't need to bring mine home, they are kinda kaput or destroyed. Let me know what you think. Thanks for the money mom. I'm hoping to not have to spend that much of it so we'll see. If I don't, then there will be more than enough to by me new fitness shoes.
This last week was Zone conferencce and I gave my final testimony. It was weird. It's just all coming down to an end now. I don't know what else to say. Time is winding down.
I really don't know what to say. Answer my questions please on what to bring back home and whatnot. I love and miss you.
Elder Chad Arnett

Monday, May 18, 2009

Short emails? No problem. 3 weeks and we're live

Hi Rentals,
And another week down. We went to a soccer game this week. It was way fun. We want to try it again next week.
I dont have too much to report. Emails just kinda seem redundant nowadays. Herr Bicego is getting baptized this weekend in Mülheim. Thats cool. I taught him and gave him the baptisimal commitment. So thats pretty sweet. I think we are getting close to a date here too, that will also be cool.
I'm going to withdraw the money from my account today probably. So be ready. Thanks for putting some in there. I love and miss you both. Sorry these emails are going to be short the next three weeks. But I have 3 weeks and then we're live.
Im tired all the time.
Elder Chadrey Arnett
Dad, No worries about the phone card, I am coming home in a month, it's really not a big deal. I did have to sit around forever waiting for my comp to get off his 5 and a half hour phone call though. Haha. I'm well and going to get a hair cut right now. Short. I think I'm just going to go bald! Just kidding, Mom. Don't worry. I love and miss you both
Elder Chad Arnett

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Official announcement

Elder Chad Jeffrey Arnett of the Germany Hamburg Mission will be arriving in Phoenix, AZ Friday June 12th at 3:46pm at Terminal 2. He will be welcomed by his mom, dad and any others that wish to go to the airport. That evening he will be receiving friends and family at his home accompanied by his longtime friend and dog Duffy.
Elder Arnett will be giving his homecoming speech Sunday June 14th at 9am at the Pioneer Ward Building on Guadulupe Road between Higley and Greenfield. That evening, the real festivities begin as Chad will begin his transition to "being in the world, but not of the world" with Paco's Salsa and Chips, and other culinary delights. The party will include a special musical tribute for Chad written and performed by his father.
Also, there will be another "Chadfest" this summer celebrating Chad's 21st birthday. (Remember, he went out as an 18-year old and will be returning as a 20-year old.) The date for "Chadfest 2009" has yet to be determined, but those that are on a "need to know" basis will be informed via text messaging, email, telephone, smoke signal and the newest internet medium, "Wrinklespace". "Wrinklespace" is a soon to be invented internet site by Chad's dad which will be a combination of Myspace and Facebook for people over the age of 40.
Oh, who can forget Chadfests 2004 and 2006... the music, the private lake, wakeboarding and tubing, the people, the food, the organ bonfire, the revelry. More of the same is on the way.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

4 1/2 weeks and counting

Parental Units,
Well this week was pretty good. We had quite a few appointments, some were just saying tschüß to investigators like Frau Stanly. She's just too scared to keep commitments and has stopped coming to church. It was a bummer, but it had to happen. I don't have enough time to waste.
Yu and Chen came to church again this week. They left early this time because they were dead tired. Yu's father called them early that morning and they talked forever. But, they enjoyed the fast and testimony meeting and we have an appointment tomorrow at a member's house. The members are really stepping it up now a days. We were at an eating appointment last night and the members expressed gratitude for missionaries that can teach well. They said that word is getting around the ward that the missionaries are really good at teaching and hopefully we can milk some referrals out of it. The members said that when we left the first spiritual thought they were really impressed and felt the spirit. These members have also been on Joint Teaches with us and have seen us in action. I just know that it is really important to earn the trust of the members. We do that in the small ways...just plugging away at the work and inviting the spirit into homes will win us the respect that sometimes lacks.
An inactive member that we are working with also came to church this week. My goal is to bring his pipe home with me as a trophy! He's really funny, but getting old and dying cause he smokes 80 fags a day. It's so bad. I think I've smoked a pack just being in his apartment so much.
Dad, I can indeed write in German, and I like the idea of working for Bob. The question is how much will it pay? I know that everyone took pretty bad hits with this financial crisis. I really like the idea. I was also thinking about trying to be a waiter part-time somewhere for some spending money. So you tell Bob that I can write auf Deutsch and like the idea of working there, although I might need some serious help with learning the computers. But all in all, I'm thinking yes. My other question is what do the hours look like? We'll talk about it on Sunday.
Mother Dearest, yes I'm still thinking about Physical Therapy. In fact, I'm almost positive about it. I really like the idea of everything about it! The only question is if I can actually pull it off. Also mom, what exactly is it that you would like? I want to get you something or a lot of things, but I just don't know what exactly or how much money you want me to spend on it. I also want to get aunt Diane something. She has written me every week and sends me so much stuff. Plus, she won't have a son go on a mission. Which also brings me to Aunt Donna. She's been a silent supporter. You're an wichtigsten so tell me what you want!
That's pretty sweet that BJ and Jameson are gunna be up there! I'm so stoked! That will be way fun. Also, (another argument about the motorcycle) living on campus is only one part of college life ma, and I can guarantee that cousin Mal will not let me have her car. I'll be close enough to walk to school, but to get to the fun parts of Utah and see my mission buddies. Just sayin...think about it. And how am I supposed to get to Candy's house to take piano lessons? Or to anything?! Just sayin...think about it....
And that's gunna do it for me this week. All is well on my side. I don't know when you guys should call yet. We're trying to figure it out cause we will be in Hannover for stake conference on Sunday, so getting home is kinda a problem right now. I'll let you know though. Because I'm a good son.Love and miss you both.
Elder Chadrey Arnett

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

8 weeks and counting

Parental Units,

This week has been a doozy. It has been really good actually. We had a lot of really good experiences. On Tuesday we went out to Detmold to visit a contact and drop off a Book of Mormon. We had an appointment set up with her, but she forgot and had Besuch. We gave the book to her and set up a new appointment for Thursday. On said day we went back to Detmold and taught an amazing first. She had a lot of questions and we answered them. It wasn't a normal first, but we followed the spirit and talked. She is extremely solid and we have a new appointment this week. NEW INVESTIGATOR! WOOT! As we walked out of the appointment we both had the feeling that she will, one day, be baptized. We just need to get in within the next 8 weeks!

We also met with the Chinese investigators. It went well. We showed the Restoration and they asked some good questions. They are reading in the Book of Mormon and are trying to understand it! It's so great to see. We have high hopes for them. One doesn't have any Christian background and the other does. We are starting from the beginning. It's fun! It's literally like teaching children and I feel the weight of teaching everything exactly right. It's just what I need right now!

As for me, I'm doing well. My wrist started hurting for some random reason again this week. I think I slept on it...selbe Schuld... I'm just trying to do that which the Lord expects. I'm doing much better in many aspects of my Spiritual life. Not to sound weird, but I'm trying to now make habits that I'll actually be able to keep when I get home. Like 15 minutes in the BOM a day. I just don't think with normal life 3 hours will be schaffable. I am actually really scared to come home. I have a huge list of things to do to keep me out of trouble. Don't worry, dating is NOT on that list mom. I have a lot to do and have a lot of past to fill with good future. I'm proud, to be honest, of that which I've been able to accomplish with the Lords help.

Also I got your and aunt Diane's packages. Thank you.

Mom, also, I sent an email to you about all the classes schon...Did you not get it? I'll send it again. But seriously, thanks for all of the stuff you did for my schooling! I hope you got that email that I sent. I explained a lot of things. And thanks for the camera. Pretty much thanks for life and everything that fills it. I owe you. I'll take care of you when your old and don't know who I am. Promise. I love you.

I have to run. We don't really have PDay today cause the Germans have way to many holidays.

I love and miss you both.

Elder Chadrey

Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Transfer

Blogger's Note: Chances are this is Chad's last address before he comes home in June. If, as friends and family members you have not taken the opportunity to write him while on is mission, this will be your last chance. His new address is below. Remember family members that as his official blog updater I will be keeping track of those of you that wrote him on his mission. Those that have written him, or will soon do so, will be greatly rewarded with both spiritual and temporal blessings. I may not be in charge of the spiritual blessings, but can you say Shrimp, Chicken and Beef Tacos along with my Frozen Hot Chocolate? I will remember! I will remember! Those that haven't written him or won't, can you say Top Ramen? I will remember!

New Address:
Voltmann Str.122
33619 Bielefeld
So Frankfurt was pretty cool. It's like Hamburg, but without water and a bit wider streets. It's pretty darn rich down there and there was a noticable change in the dialect. Twas cool. But it was quite hilly. Was really really cool. And we drove fast! Woot. I wont tell you how fast until I get home so you aren't mad at me.
So I have some sort of injury, I'll forward the Dr's email that he sent to me. Yes I am transferred. To Bielefeld! I'm really really excited. There are four Elders in that city. My comp is another Re-Go but really cool guy. As a reminder, Re-Go means just off of his trainer. He's from California and plays VOLLEYBALL. I'm stoked, no joke. Brecheisen is his name. The other two Elders are Stevens and Barrett. Barrett was in my MTC district. I'm pretty excited about the whole ordeal. It's such Gold! Haha! I'm so happy its ridiculous. It is, however, surreal to think that I'm going into my last area. A kid I knew as he just got baptised 2 years ago is going on a mission this Friday. He's in the Mülheimer ward. Mark, he is a stud. He'll do well. But last night I was at his house talking and eating. A lot of the ward was there and a few investigators. We watched The Other Side of Heaven. Man, although the story and place and everything is completely different, it reminded me so much of my mission.
Which brings me to my next point, why can't the mission reset after we learn everything? It took a year for me to finally figure out what I was doing. Why can't the mission then reset? It bugs me. But I've been thinking about it. In the MTC we learn how to apply things when we are missionaries but we can't really apply it yet. Then the mission comes and we apply what we learned in the MTC, but the mission teaches us things that we can't really apply until we are back in the world. Its really kinda annoying how that whole thing works. But it's good I guess. Man, I'm so excited for a new start Bielefeld. I'm gunna turn that city inside out!
So, Jameson is huge now huh? Word, maybe he can help me get into shape. I've actually lost a lot of muscle strength...I haven't been able to work out in 2 months and I'm feeling it. It's a rather depressing feeling.
So, not to get all trunky on you, but what is the situation with me coming home? What's going on I mean? Is school all worked out? I just want to know all the information so I can make a smooth transition when I get home. Can you guys please tell me what you're thinking and how everything will work out. We do need to really buckle down on the planning sessions now...Well, I've been looking around and I think that the world is in some serious trouble. Nothing that we can't handle, but trouble nonetheless. I guess I'm just going to have to get really informed and change the world.
I love and miss you both tons.
Elder ChArnett

Monday, March 9, 2009

Outstanding in his field!

I guess they hold district meetings in open fields in Germany.

More of the counrtryside of the Ruhrbegeitzisitlskzzzsdkkjtjlkfjltxxxchusshthausch.
The district book club. I wonder if any of these books are on Oprah's reading list?
Blogger's note: Chad is headed to Frankfurt on March 10th to have an MRI on his wrist along with another elder. He will meet there with a specialist and the Church area Doctor.

Dearest Parentals,

This week feels like it was an eternity, but it was a very good eternity. It was a pretty eventful week with many blessings. Definitely one for the journal!As you know from my letter last week, we had quite a few appointments set up. We decided we wanted to make this week our perfect week. And I'd say we did a pretty good job. This week we had 20 appointments set up this week and 15 of them went through. We have 3 new investigators and hopefully we will have 3 more this coming week from people we found last week. Not bad.We had a lot of really great experiences. The best, I'd say, was the baptismal date we set. It was a total miracle. We sat down after a long week and decided to go through the area book to try and set up some appointments. Well this last week we met with a former investigator, Hendrick Bicego, and just started talking. The spirit was there as we asked him what he believed in, why he stopped meeting with the missionaries, usw. He told us he didn't really know why they all stopped meeting that things just kinda slowed down and people were transferred and contact fell out. We talked about the Restoration and Prophets. When we were done we set up appointments three times a week and extended a baptismal commitment, which he accepted! Needless to say, we are now scouring the Area Book for former investigators.The other really great part of the week happened on Tuesday. We were at Plauder Abend at the Familie Unverrichts haus. Its always a good time and very geistig. Well two weeks ag,o we had GMK, and we had next to nothing to present. It was just bad and a culmination of bad weeks and all coming to one point. Bruder Unverricht asked me to say the closing prayer for us. I did. It's not often that I can really open up my heart in prayer. It's really hard for me and takes a lot out of me. True prayer is hard, but on this occasion I was able to share my feelings. The thing was, it wasn't just my feelings, but that of everyone. I'd pause for a thought and would say something that wasn't even my concern, but another Elder's or Bruder Unverricht's. I've never really had that experience in prayer. Anyway, ever since that prayer things have been getting better. The work is progressing and we have a lot to do. Me being the stupid, God forgetting, Natural Man that I am, literally did forget the prayer prayed by all of us, that is until Tuesday night when I was reminded of it. As Bruder Unverricht mentioned it at Plauder Abend, a huge wave of emotion overcame me comprised mostly of gratitude. I said a silent prayer thanking God, and fought back tears. It is absolutely amazing to me how merciful the Lord is to undeserving servants. I love Him and being in his employment.Wedsday was supposed to be a really good day. We had 7 appointments set up. We started out strong with an appointment at noon, but it was all down hill after that. All of the other appointments fell out. We however did keep trying. We were on the streets all day. Elder Hurst was also with us tausching. After he left, Elder Koeven and I decided to go by on a contact that we have had for quite a while but who is never there. It was about 7.30 or 8.00 and we klingeled. We got let in, hiked the stairs (quite excitedly I might add), and talked to a man that we never have seen before. He let us in and we talked for a little bit and ya. He took a BoM and was really cool. His wife, who just had a baby, was our contact. He invited us back and knows a lot about the Mormons because in Nigeria we have a big church that is beautiful. And, in his home town there are tons of Mormons I guess. Love the Africans. But, as he walked out of the room right as he invited us in I looked up and said "I Thank Thee, Lord." It was another tender mercy.This week I've seen His glorious help in more ways than one. I can honestly say that this week we were guided by the Lord. I'm trying hard guys. I just want to be used in the ways that He wants to use me. Whatever it may be. I'm also excited to get my wrist checked out.Its a wonderful life. Talk to you soon.
Elder Chadrey

Mother, I have 104 days left, not 3 months.
First off is this we have several appointments this week.
Second is what happened this weekend. After the past few weeks of losing absolutely everything, Elder Koeven and I got fed up. We decided, after reviewing our President Oaks notes at Zone Meeting, we decided to go through the Area Book one more time. So we did. We called many former investigators, and have 11 appointments set up from Monday to Thursday, the first four days this week! As we were calling and setting up all these termins, the only thought I had was, "Wow, why didn't I do this before!" Needless to say, we are STOKED for this coming week.
And the third and last awesome experience is this. I called a contact that my companion and Elder Thoennes received on a tausch last week. The contact however is in the hospital. But as I was talking to the person who answered the phone, a friend of the contact, I told him what it was we were doing and gave a short first on the phone. We have an appointment with him today at 2 to give him (the friend of the contact, who now is a contact himself) a BoM and review the 1st! Yea for the MTC teaching me how to talk on phones! We are meeting him in the Dome, for that I'm not excited. The Domes are the biggest catholic churches in each city.. so ya its going to be an experience. I've been in them before, but not to teach about the true gospel.
To be honest, I'm sick of not baptizing. I want to get a date set up here so bad. I had a renewed desire as I saw the mission get 4 Baptismal Dates in one day. Especially because they were all in Ruhrgebiet. We are going to work our tails off to get one here soon. Before the transfer ends. Because "We can baptize anywhere!"
Yes, I'm going to Frankfurt March 10th. I don't have anymore info until then. Just have to get an MRI. It should be fun driving down though. My comp doesn't get to go with me, but another Elder. He has to get an MRI on his knee.
We have a problem. My camera broke. The display screen is cracked and I can't see anything anymore. I don't know what to do. I want a camera, but I want a good one. Should I wait til I come home and just not take pictures? I can't see what I'm doing so it'd kinda be stupid to keep trying to take them. Tell me what to do. I'll get on again in a few days to see what you guys are thinking. It would probably be cheaper if you bought a camera there and shipped it to me, but you'd have to unpack it first so I won't have to pay taxes. I want a good one for photo and stuff but still kinda compact so I can carry it around with me. Maybe talk to Cameron A or Chea about it? But let me know what you are thinking. And I still want to get a suit. Can I do that?
Mother Dearest. Stop being sick. It's not good for your health. I seriously can't believe you though. You're like the energizer bunny. You go to school everyday and then on the weekends still take care of kids. You absolutely amaze me. You are my motivation. I say if my 29 year old mom can get up at 4.30 everyday, I can get up at 6.30. If she can go and deal with bratty Jr High kids, I can deal with Germans. If she doesn't get a break, why should I? So I thank you mother, for teaching me to Woman Up and Do It. The only thing I lack is woman organs, but come to think of it, so do you. That makes us even. Look at you, giving up everything to make me feel better. I love you Mom. Get better OK? I'm praying for you.
Transfers are in 2 weeks. I have 14 weeks left out here. I don't like it. All the guys I've known my whole mission are getting ready to leave in two or 8 weeks. Ew is all I have to say about that. Ew. And Jameson gets home this week. That is so weird to me. I remember when he left. I ditched a whole week of school to come and play with him. It was a good choice. Dad, give him a big hug for me, OK?
I'm doing well I guess. Just kinda hanging in there. I'm kinda sick again. I need to get unsick so I can stop being sick cause being sick is bad cause it's hard to study and I still have a bit o Jesus the Christ and PMG and the New Testament and PoGP to read. Not to mention the German BoM once and twice in the English. Bah. Time sucks.
Anyways. I've ran out of things to say. I love you guys and miss you. I guess we'll get to talk to each other soon enough. I really wish it was now though. It always seems to be a big comfort to talk to you guys. And I want a big comfort.
Elder ChArnett

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fatigue, Karneval and Candy

Well this week has been a busy one. But it's been good. I can write again finally. I no longer have the soft cast on. Woot! I think my highlight might have been interviewing Adam for baptism. That man was totally ready for the Taufe. It was awesome. He reminded me of Nicholas in so many ways. I can't really explain, but it was really great for me. It was a nice reminder that there are people who are prepared.
I have had a lot on my mind the past while and a lot of discouraging moments. I've been searching for the reason or reasons why. I have come to a few conclusions.
First and foremost, I think this whole wrist thing has gotten me down. I know it is a poor excuse, but it has robbed me of so many things. It is constantly hurting and the therapy is a joke. I can't do anything. When I wake up it's the worst. It always kills and is so stiff. I don't know, I know it's a sorry excuse, but it does kinda take me down a bit. The church Doctor may want me to go to Frankfurt this week to figure it all out. It just hurts and is annoying. Mal schauen.
Second is just the work. We are still getting some contacts here and there, and trying hard, but we are not having much success. That's the only thing that I feel good about it that -- I'm still trying. I want to do good, I want to help people, and sometimes I have to force myself back to do the same things everyday.
To combat the "natural man" I have been doing all I can. Reading Jesus the Christ has actually helped. There was a paragraph in there that really helped me and I think can help many people and missionaries. It reads, "It is not given to the rest of us, not was it given to Jesus, to meet the foe, to fight and overcome in a single encounter, once for all time. The strife between the immortal spirit and the flesh, between the offspring of God on the one hand, the world and the devil on the other, is persistent through life." The statement, true as it is, is a help and a daunting task. I desire to do what is right. I want to be strong. It's just sometimes unnerving to see that it just gets harder.
But I am doing good, but I am tired. Constantly tired. But, I do feel like I am changing so much right now and it's for the better. It's what I want. I want to continue strong. And I'm going to.
Today we walked in a Parade. Its called Karneval and is sponsored by the Catholic Church. Totally awesome. We walked around for 3 hours listening to techno and screaming Ello! to all the German kids and giving them candy and laughing at all the drunk German people and dancing in the streets and having fun. See look, at the photos. People dress up like Halloween.
I'm tired today. The pictures are of today. Woot today!
Love and miss you.
Elder ChArnett

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a cast not surgery!

Blogger's note: I changed all the letters to capitals for him and found another photo on the internet of him. We are grateful it's only a cast and he doesn't have to have surgery. Hopefully he will stay out of the way of trains, planes and buses.

Dearest Parental Units.

I cannot type correctly with capitals and all that 'cause of this ****** cast. I can't do anything. Yes, I do have a cast, its annoying, I didnt know how important my right hand was until this week. I've been going to therapy everyday this past week and have to again this coming week.

I put my hand in this big magnetic thing and wait for half an hour. One of the bones in my wrist is dislocated and then swelled up. But other than that it's ok. I'm not too mad. it could've been worse.
This week has been crazy though. We had a zone conference with President Oaks of the Area presidency, it was awesome. I learned alot. Also a member here died this week too and that was sad. I've eaten at her place a lot.

I can't type. I'm sorry. Next weeek I'll write you all about everything.

Elder Charnett

Monday, February 9, 2009

Blogger's note: Chad's emails have not been posted for a few weeks because his Father was worried and somewhat "put out" (okay ticked) with his missionary son in Hamburg. It appears he has injured his wrist in some way. We didn't know about it until much after the fact. Just a hint for any future missionaries out there, the last thing parents want to have happen it to find out something two weeks later. Also, they don't want to hear from the church's area doctor and the mission president's wife that he may have broken his wrist and was hit by a train of all things. So, being Chad's overbearing Father, I scolded him. It appears that he has scolded me back and so now I am chillin'. Nevertheless, thanks to the Doctor and Sister Thompson for alleviating any fears Pam and I had. Hopefully, the wrist thing will not be serious. I just wish we had heard about it earlier and he would stay out of the way of trains. Chad sent some photos which accompany his emails and thanks to Elder Josh Lewis I found some other photos of Chad which we didn't have. Those are also included.

February 8th,

And once again the week has flown by leaving me feeling as if I hardly accomplished all that I wanted to, and its not because we're not working, it's because there is just not enough time in the day!
On to more important matters. A ward member is taking me to a doctor here in Mülheim today (Monday) to get an X-Ray, just as the doctor in Frankfurt suggested. So, that is all getting taken care of. So you two can just calm down! And Father Figure, I am offended that you think I wasn't using good judgement. I was waiting for the StrassenBahn/Bus on the platform in the middle of the street. Being a good missionary I was talking to someone with my back turned. I stepped to the side to let a lady pass with a stroller and as I did so my hand was hit. It wasn't hard, it was just bad timing. I moved my hand with it so most of the blow was deflected. It's just that this hurt it more because the day before I fell on it. I think its just too much stress. I can still move it and type and do everything I need to. And its getting checked out. So stop fretting. I'm fine. Sister Thompson called me and chewed me out for not telling you everything, but I swear I did. So there you have it. All is well.
I'm lovin life here. Everything seems to be going my way right now. The ward is really warming up to me and the missionaries in general. They've always loved us, but now I'm starting to feel like a part of the ward. It's a a good feeling. Elder Koeven is great. This transfer is going to be good. Yes he wants to run mornings, hes from St. George. Good worker and chill guy. Chad=Stoked.
Last Monday I went where Hitler walked! That's right. We went to Villa Hügel. If you've ever heard of the Krupp Corporation, that's where the family used to live. Hitler visited there a few times when he took over the company. It was gorgeous there. I loved it. Pictures on the way.
I almost caught a rabbit. I was so close...if only I dove. But I didn't... I'll get him if it's the last think I do.
And that's going to do it for me! I'm fine don't worry.
I love and miss you both terribly!
Elder ChArnett

January 31,
I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm most likely going to have to get an X-ray this coming week on my wrist. What happened you ask? Well to quote the doctor...
Dear Elder Arnett
Your history of injury is as follows.
On 26 Jan 09 you fell on your right wrist and later in the day it was hit by a bus. Pain has occurred distal to the 5th finger near the ulnar styloid process and crease formed by the palmar ulnocarpal ligament. Initially there was some swellling and bruising, but this is gone. At present there continues to be severe pain. Because there may be a fracture of the styloid process of the Ulna, I believe it prudent to obtain an x-ray with an orthopedist to determine if there is a problem. Immobilization of the wrist, Ice on the region, Ibuprofen 400 - 800 mg every 8 hours may be helpful for the time being.
Please have Sr. Thompson help you make an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon in your current area of work.
El RK Maddock
Area Medical Advisor
And there you have it. Now given the doctor makes me sound like an idiot, that's pretty much exactly what happened. And my wrist hurts and has been for the past week and a half. I finally decided I should give someone a call about it considering that it hurts horribly to put weight on it or to move it to the right or left. Its still mobile though. Just hurts like the dickens from time to time.
So this email is a heads up. I'm fine. Yes, I kinda did get hit by a moving object, it was a strassenbahn not a bus, the difference, however, is minimal. Merely rails instead of wheels. What happened? Well, I got hit. Ha. There's not much more to say other than that. And yes, I did fall on it earlier. I just kinda fell though, I didn't try to stop myself. Weird to say, but I didn't know I was falling. And then I hit. And it hurt.

Your ever loving son,
Elder Chad Jeffrey Arnett

January 24th,

Parental Units.
A few cool things happened this week. It's been, once again, hard to get into contact with anyone and getting contacts hasn't been my fortè at the moment. We however have been trying. I feel better than I have in a long time. We are making definite effort to plan completely every night and actually follow through with our plans the next day. It's hard not being too flexible, but I've decided that I need to be more disiplined with myself and not get distracted.
The other really cool thing that happened this week. So, because of admitted bad budgeting and the Ruhrgebiet being allaround too cool, the last week of last month found me without money. The same goes for my companion. We were kinda worried about the situation, but, as always, the Lord provided. Since I've been here I think we have had maybe 3 or 4 eating appointments. But this past week we doubled the eating apointments. We had three and an investigator gave us a catfish to eat. I miss fishing...But that's besides the point. I've been reading in D&C and it talks all about how the Lord provides for his servants. That he does.
So transfers. I'm staying and getting a new comp. The Oberhausen Elders are going to be Elder Warnick, who I love, and Elder Ludlow. Mine is Elder Koevin or something like that. Should be good. I'm stoked, I love Elder Warnick. Woot!
And thats about it for me. I wish I had tons to say, but I don't. You tell the Olsen family thanks for the letter and say hi for me and that I'll write as soon as I can. But, today isn't really p-day. Tomorrow we are having a District Activity so we are just emailing right now. We have an appointment at two so I kinda have to hurry it.
Also dad, I made a boring recording of that one song. But its too big to send... Sorry.
I would like to apologize to everyone who I should've written this week but I just am not able to! Next week, I promise!
And thats going to do it! I miss and love you both. Bis den Näscht!
Elder Arnett

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lost and found photos

Thanks to the marvels of the internet, I was able to grab (okay steal) some photos of Elder Arnett from recently returned Sister Durham's Facebook postings. I know it's wrong to steal, but these are photos we haven't seen before. I humbly ask for forgiveness to all involved. The photos are from his days in Kiel during the summer months. I bet he wishes it was still summer because it's freezing cold in Muheim.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Renovation and Rejuventation

Units of Parentaldom living in the land of the Valley of the Sun,
Oh yes! This week was so good for me. I don't even know how to explain it. But I'll try. The week started in a dreary way. No one was home or answering their phones or even stopping on the street. It's probably the worst and most annoying feeling in the world. But things turned around for me on Wednesday. I went on a tausch with Elder Thoennes in Essen. It was really good. It rejuvenated me. I also had an extremely awesome spiritual finding experience. We were walking and we crossed the street. I glanced at a door to an apartment complex and thought nothing of it. But at the second glance I had a really weird jump in my stomach. I didn't know what it was and almost walked on. But for one reason or another, I approached the door. As my eyes ran over the klingel box, they caught on a few Chinese names. I pushed the button and waited...and waited...and waited. No answer. So I turned to leave. I stepped of the porch and started walking to Elder Thoennes, but that same, feeling came back. I walked back to the door and my eyes went immediately to a name -- middle row, second from the top. I punched it and we got let in. We hiked the stairs (4th floor) and found the door. As we approached a man appeared covered in dreck from renovation work. We quickly explained who we were and what we were doing. He said he'd love a Book of Mormon and invited us back next week. As we were walking away he mentioned how crazy it was that we showed up when we did. He renovates once or twice in a week and is only there for 3 or 4 hours when he does go there. None of that clicked until I thought about it that night and a huge feeling of gratitude rushed over me. The Lord is amazing.
Anyway, that experience gave me enough energy to carry on the rest of the week. Elder Wood and I were scrambling for lessons and squeezed in 4 on Sunday. The people just aren't home right now for some reason.
But we also set up this week. It's going to be good, I can feel it. And that was my week. I feel really good. I could take on the world right now. I've put my mind completely on the Lord and finally feel like the He trusts me. It's been a hard road to feel like I've earned His trust. Ever since I left Kiel I've felt down. But, the past bit has helped and I'm happy and willing to do whatever needs to be done. Many thanks to my friends which are a huge part in my life. I'm so grateful for the people I've known.
I love and miss you both!
Elder ChArnett

Monday, January 19, 2009

God loves the Arizona Cardinals!

Above: Pam sent Chad many gifts all tied to scriptures. He had to read each scripture then open the gift. #1 Below: Chad's friend made this picture and sent it to him.
#2 Chad cooking steak #3 Chad finished with all the presents. #4 His Christmas stocking #5 Kung-fu fighting #6 The Bowling boys #7 a Muheim baptism


This week was one for the books. I think I learned more about life, myself, and das Menchen Umgehen this week than the rest of my mission combined. Ok, well maybe that is a big overstatement, but I sure did learn a lot.
I wrote a few weeks ago that I was focusing on my feelings and how to control thoughts and attitudes and all that jazz. I feel like this week was the testing of all that. There were many challenges with ward members and misunderstandings, but I think I passed.
I also learned this week how to knit from the Relief Society! Yea! It takes forever though!
And finally the baptism this weekend was really nice. Oh, by the way we kinda had another baptism. I really didn't do much for this one, it was the Oberhausener's really, but I like her a lot and have been to her house and taught her a bit. She's way cool. I had to give a talk at it and I've never been so nervous in my life. I've given so many talks on my mission, but for some reason this one shook me. But, it went well and was a beautiful service and Sister Rittger is now a strong member of Mülheim! Woot! I'll send you a few pics of it and things we did this week!
So the Arizona Cardnals huh? Weird. It just goes to show, your home is blessed when you go on a mission. God loves Arizona and the Cardinals.
Today we played volleyball. It was AWESOME. Man it felt so good. I haven't had a good workout in a very long time and today was it. It felt so good to get it all out. I've wanted to go running in the morning, but I haven't been able to convince my companion to jump on that bandwagon yet. It's just so dark and dreary at 6.30 in the morning -- or that's his excuse. The night before we're all excited to get up and go, but the morning rolls around and....ya...
And thats gunna do it for me... My week has been good. No real complaints. I'm just excited for transfers on the 5th..

Elder ChArnett

Blogger's note: As Elder Arnett's time gets shorter so do his letters. We weren't aware of any upcoming baptisms (although there must have been one). We are grateful for the photos he is sending. Also, a big thank-you to Whitney Craft, one Chad's friends from BYU. She found a way to enhance one of Chad's photos and add a saying to it. Also, because of Facebook, I was able to find a photo of Chad at a ward function practicing kung-fu with a member. It was posted by a a German member in Mulheim or Essen. To his German friends thanks for posting the photos of him. To his American friends thanks for supporting him and reading his blog. It should be noted that Chad is not on Facebook. For a while, Whitney Craft updated his profile and stuff. Then after much pleading I was able to convince Chad to allow me, his paps, to be the official keeper of the the Facebook. I must admit to being totally thrilled with this. I'm able to check up on Chad's friends from high school, BYU and his mission. Pam calls it stalking. I call it No one ever comes to visit our house anymore so it's the only way I have to see what's going on. I've reluctantly come to realize that kids don't come to our house anymore because Chad is not here. Go figure.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Two posts for the price of one!

District riding the bahn.
Here's to the New Year with Hot German Chocolate!

January 11th

Parental Units,
It is amazing how quickly the week flew by. I actually think the better word is scary. The days are just flying by...
This weekend I was rather sick. It was a downer for sure. But life is getting better.
The past few weeks have been down as far as lessons go, and as much as I'd like to blame it on sickness and the weather, I know that's not an adequate answer. This week I learned that I can control my own attitude more than I thought possible. I'm trying to understand self control and the emotions that are constantly flowing through my mind. It's a weird feeling to try to understand what I'm feeling instead of just feeling it. But, when I understand where the feeling is coming from, maybe then I can suppress or expand it. I don't know just yet, but I've always enjoyed experiments.
And honestly that's it for me. I know its not much, but there isn't really much to talk about this week. I've been sick and the work has been disappointing. There is still snow on the ground. It's kinda stopped bothering me I guess. If I play it right I don't have to be in it all that much. Just get a lot of appointments. That's the key.
Hey let Diane know I got the package please. And it was greatly appreciated.
That's cool about Mark and Wayne. I hope Mark's film does well. Earning a few bucks and getting known is always good.
I really don't know what else to write. I'm fine, just kinda tired. We're going to play wallball today at the church. I'm excited. I haven't done that since the 4th Grade. Woot for childhood!
I'm gunna go. Loves
Elder ChArnett

January 3rd

Dearest Parental Units,
Once again I find my self sitting in an Internet Laden, hearing languages I don't understand, being choked by secondhand smoke, and teaching off-hand lessons while trying to type. Such is the life.
It snowed 5 inches last night. I hate the snow. It's so cold. The only time I like snow is when it is on a mountain and I'm strapped to a board trying to get as much air as I can. Then I can bear it. But not when I'm walking around in it all day.
This past week was pretty good with it being New Years and all. We were in by 6pm, mission rules. But we stayed up til midnight and watched the fireworks. I forgot how crazy it is here. It's like the 2nd World War all over again. It's amazing how dirty the city turns in one night. One day clean, the next, covered with beer bottles and bomb shells. Yea Germany!
Today we already did our P-day Activity. We went bowling as a district and with Dominic, a 16 year old boy who lives in Essen. He just did a mini-mission for a week.
Paps, I need to know what time Wayne needs to be in Berlin. If I have the time that he has to be there, I can figure out a good route. But until that time, I'm kinda at a loss.
Well, leider, I am, once again, at a loss as to what I should share with you.

Paps, I understand what you mean, about the whole lose everyone that writes you and then you'll understand how to focus thing. I hate to admit it, but it's true. Some people are writing me ab und zu but nothing really that takes me away or distracts me. I've learned to control the thoughts. Thats a plus.
I really don't have much to say. I think I need to get some more Vitaman D so I get undepressed about all this stinkin snow!
I do know Celle and I do know President Jensen. He's a pretty funny man and very educated. It's crazy to think that Sister Allen's dad baptised him.
That's all I got for this week. I'm sorry. I've been really crappy at this writing thing the past couple of weeks...My bad. I'll try to get better.
And dad, stop gettin krunk with the old boys. You Tokin Mormon you.
Elder ChArnett

Blogger's note: Elder Arnett's dad doesn not get krunk with the old boys. He is referencing something I mentioned in my email to him and that is on my blog. I am the token Mormon, though.