Tuesday, May 5, 2009

4 1/2 weeks and counting

Parental Units,
Well this week was pretty good. We had quite a few appointments, some were just saying tschüß to investigators like Frau Stanly. She's just too scared to keep commitments and has stopped coming to church. It was a bummer, but it had to happen. I don't have enough time to waste.
Yu and Chen came to church again this week. They left early this time because they were dead tired. Yu's father called them early that morning and they talked forever. But, they enjoyed the fast and testimony meeting and we have an appointment tomorrow at a member's house. The members are really stepping it up now a days. We were at an eating appointment last night and the members expressed gratitude for missionaries that can teach well. They said that word is getting around the ward that the missionaries are really good at teaching and hopefully we can milk some referrals out of it. The members said that when we left the first spiritual thought they were really impressed and felt the spirit. These members have also been on Joint Teaches with us and have seen us in action. I just know that it is really important to earn the trust of the members. We do that in the small ways...just plugging away at the work and inviting the spirit into homes will win us the respect that sometimes lacks.
An inactive member that we are working with also came to church this week. My goal is to bring his pipe home with me as a trophy! He's really funny, but getting old and dying cause he smokes 80 fags a day. It's so bad. I think I've smoked a pack just being in his apartment so much.
Dad, I can indeed write in German, and I like the idea of working for Bob. The question is how much will it pay? I know that everyone took pretty bad hits with this financial crisis. I really like the idea. I was also thinking about trying to be a waiter part-time somewhere for some spending money. So you tell Bob that I can write auf Deutsch and like the idea of working there, although I might need some serious help with learning the computers. But all in all, I'm thinking yes. My other question is what do the hours look like? We'll talk about it on Sunday.
Mother Dearest, yes I'm still thinking about Physical Therapy. In fact, I'm almost positive about it. I really like the idea of everything about it! The only question is if I can actually pull it off. Also mom, what exactly is it that you would like? I want to get you something or a lot of things, but I just don't know what exactly or how much money you want me to spend on it. I also want to get aunt Diane something. She has written me every week and sends me so much stuff. Plus, she won't have a son go on a mission. Which also brings me to Aunt Donna. She's been a silent supporter. You're an wichtigsten so tell me what you want!
That's pretty sweet that BJ and Jameson are gunna be up there! I'm so stoked! That will be way fun. Also, (another argument about the motorcycle) living on campus is only one part of college life ma, and I can guarantee that cousin Mal will not let me have her car. I'll be close enough to walk to school, but to get to the fun parts of Utah and see my mission buddies. Just sayin...think about it. And how am I supposed to get to Candy's house to take piano lessons? Or to anything?! Just sayin...think about it....
And that's gunna do it for me this week. All is well on my side. I don't know when you guys should call yet. We're trying to figure it out cause we will be in Hannover for stake conference on Sunday, so getting home is kinda a problem right now. I'll let you know though. Because I'm a good son.Love and miss you both.
Elder Chadrey Arnett

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