Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Transfer

Blogger's Note: Chances are this is Chad's last address before he comes home in June. If, as friends and family members you have not taken the opportunity to write him while on is mission, this will be your last chance. His new address is below. Remember family members that as his official blog updater I will be keeping track of those of you that wrote him on his mission. Those that have written him, or will soon do so, will be greatly rewarded with both spiritual and temporal blessings. I may not be in charge of the spiritual blessings, but can you say Shrimp, Chicken and Beef Tacos along with my Frozen Hot Chocolate? I will remember! I will remember! Those that haven't written him or won't, can you say Top Ramen? I will remember!

New Address:
Voltmann Str.122
33619 Bielefeld
So Frankfurt was pretty cool. It's like Hamburg, but without water and a bit wider streets. It's pretty darn rich down there and there was a noticable change in the dialect. Twas cool. But it was quite hilly. Was really really cool. And we drove fast! Woot. I wont tell you how fast until I get home so you aren't mad at me.
So I have some sort of injury, I'll forward the Dr's email that he sent to me. Yes I am transferred. To Bielefeld! I'm really really excited. There are four Elders in that city. My comp is another Re-Go but really cool guy. As a reminder, Re-Go means just off of his trainer. He's from California and plays VOLLEYBALL. I'm stoked, no joke. Brecheisen is his name. The other two Elders are Stevens and Barrett. Barrett was in my MTC district. I'm pretty excited about the whole ordeal. It's such Gold! Haha! I'm so happy its ridiculous. It is, however, surreal to think that I'm going into my last area. A kid I knew as he just got baptised 2 years ago is going on a mission this Friday. He's in the Mülheimer ward. Mark, he is a stud. He'll do well. But last night I was at his house talking and eating. A lot of the ward was there and a few investigators. We watched The Other Side of Heaven. Man, although the story and place and everything is completely different, it reminded me so much of my mission.
Which brings me to my next point, why can't the mission reset after we learn everything? It took a year for me to finally figure out what I was doing. Why can't the mission then reset? It bugs me. But I've been thinking about it. In the MTC we learn how to apply things when we are missionaries but we can't really apply it yet. Then the mission comes and we apply what we learned in the MTC, but the mission teaches us things that we can't really apply until we are back in the world. Its really kinda annoying how that whole thing works. But it's good I guess. Man, I'm so excited for a new start Bielefeld. I'm gunna turn that city inside out!
So, Jameson is huge now huh? Word, maybe he can help me get into shape. I've actually lost a lot of muscle strength...I haven't been able to work out in 2 months and I'm feeling it. It's a rather depressing feeling.
So, not to get all trunky on you, but what is the situation with me coming home? What's going on I mean? Is school all worked out? I just want to know all the information so I can make a smooth transition when I get home. Can you guys please tell me what you're thinking and how everything will work out. We do need to really buckle down on the planning sessions now...Well, I've been looking around and I think that the world is in some serious trouble. Nothing that we can't handle, but trouble nonetheless. I guess I'm just going to have to get really informed and change the world.
I love and miss you both tons.
Elder ChArnett

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Devry said...

i'm pretty sure i wrote him in the MTC, does that count? just ask Dana how good I am at writing missionaries.