Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a cast not surgery!

Blogger's note: I changed all the letters to capitals for him and found another photo on the internet of him. We are grateful it's only a cast and he doesn't have to have surgery. Hopefully he will stay out of the way of trains, planes and buses.

Dearest Parental Units.

I cannot type correctly with capitals and all that 'cause of this ****** cast. I can't do anything. Yes, I do have a cast, its annoying, I didnt know how important my right hand was until this week. I've been going to therapy everyday this past week and have to again this coming week.

I put my hand in this big magnetic thing and wait for half an hour. One of the bones in my wrist is dislocated and then swelled up. But other than that it's ok. I'm not too mad. it could've been worse.
This week has been crazy though. We had a zone conference with President Oaks of the Area presidency, it was awesome. I learned alot. Also a member here died this week too and that was sad. I've eaten at her place a lot.

I can't type. I'm sorry. Next weeek I'll write you all about everything.

Elder Charnett

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