Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Transfer

Blogger's Note: Chances are this is Chad's last address before he comes home in June. If, as friends and family members you have not taken the opportunity to write him while on is mission, this will be your last chance. His new address is below. Remember family members that as his official blog updater I will be keeping track of those of you that wrote him on his mission. Those that have written him, or will soon do so, will be greatly rewarded with both spiritual and temporal blessings. I may not be in charge of the spiritual blessings, but can you say Shrimp, Chicken and Beef Tacos along with my Frozen Hot Chocolate? I will remember! I will remember! Those that haven't written him or won't, can you say Top Ramen? I will remember!

New Address:
Voltmann Str.122
33619 Bielefeld
So Frankfurt was pretty cool. It's like Hamburg, but without water and a bit wider streets. It's pretty darn rich down there and there was a noticable change in the dialect. Twas cool. But it was quite hilly. Was really really cool. And we drove fast! Woot. I wont tell you how fast until I get home so you aren't mad at me.
So I have some sort of injury, I'll forward the Dr's email that he sent to me. Yes I am transferred. To Bielefeld! I'm really really excited. There are four Elders in that city. My comp is another Re-Go but really cool guy. As a reminder, Re-Go means just off of his trainer. He's from California and plays VOLLEYBALL. I'm stoked, no joke. Brecheisen is his name. The other two Elders are Stevens and Barrett. Barrett was in my MTC district. I'm pretty excited about the whole ordeal. It's such Gold! Haha! I'm so happy its ridiculous. It is, however, surreal to think that I'm going into my last area. A kid I knew as he just got baptised 2 years ago is going on a mission this Friday. He's in the Mülheimer ward. Mark, he is a stud. He'll do well. But last night I was at his house talking and eating. A lot of the ward was there and a few investigators. We watched The Other Side of Heaven. Man, although the story and place and everything is completely different, it reminded me so much of my mission.
Which brings me to my next point, why can't the mission reset after we learn everything? It took a year for me to finally figure out what I was doing. Why can't the mission then reset? It bugs me. But I've been thinking about it. In the MTC we learn how to apply things when we are missionaries but we can't really apply it yet. Then the mission comes and we apply what we learned in the MTC, but the mission teaches us things that we can't really apply until we are back in the world. Its really kinda annoying how that whole thing works. But it's good I guess. Man, I'm so excited for a new start Bielefeld. I'm gunna turn that city inside out!
So, Jameson is huge now huh? Word, maybe he can help me get into shape. I've actually lost a lot of muscle strength...I haven't been able to work out in 2 months and I'm feeling it. It's a rather depressing feeling.
So, not to get all trunky on you, but what is the situation with me coming home? What's going on I mean? Is school all worked out? I just want to know all the information so I can make a smooth transition when I get home. Can you guys please tell me what you're thinking and how everything will work out. We do need to really buckle down on the planning sessions now...Well, I've been looking around and I think that the world is in some serious trouble. Nothing that we can't handle, but trouble nonetheless. I guess I'm just going to have to get really informed and change the world.
I love and miss you both tons.
Elder ChArnett

Monday, March 9, 2009

Outstanding in his field!

I guess they hold district meetings in open fields in Germany.

More of the counrtryside of the Ruhrbegeitzisitlskzzzsdkkjtjlkfjltxxxchusshthausch.
The district book club. I wonder if any of these books are on Oprah's reading list?
Blogger's note: Chad is headed to Frankfurt on March 10th to have an MRI on his wrist along with another elder. He will meet there with a specialist and the Church area Doctor.

Dearest Parentals,

This week feels like it was an eternity, but it was a very good eternity. It was a pretty eventful week with many blessings. Definitely one for the journal!As you know from my letter last week, we had quite a few appointments set up. We decided we wanted to make this week our perfect week. And I'd say we did a pretty good job. This week we had 20 appointments set up this week and 15 of them went through. We have 3 new investigators and hopefully we will have 3 more this coming week from people we found last week. Not bad.We had a lot of really great experiences. The best, I'd say, was the baptismal date we set. It was a total miracle. We sat down after a long week and decided to go through the area book to try and set up some appointments. Well this last week we met with a former investigator, Hendrick Bicego, and just started talking. The spirit was there as we asked him what he believed in, why he stopped meeting with the missionaries, usw. He told us he didn't really know why they all stopped meeting that things just kinda slowed down and people were transferred and contact fell out. We talked about the Restoration and Prophets. When we were done we set up appointments three times a week and extended a baptismal commitment, which he accepted! Needless to say, we are now scouring the Area Book for former investigators.The other really great part of the week happened on Tuesday. We were at Plauder Abend at the Familie Unverrichts haus. Its always a good time and very geistig. Well two weeks ag,o we had GMK, and we had next to nothing to present. It was just bad and a culmination of bad weeks and all coming to one point. Bruder Unverricht asked me to say the closing prayer for us. I did. It's not often that I can really open up my heart in prayer. It's really hard for me and takes a lot out of me. True prayer is hard, but on this occasion I was able to share my feelings. The thing was, it wasn't just my feelings, but that of everyone. I'd pause for a thought and would say something that wasn't even my concern, but another Elder's or Bruder Unverricht's. I've never really had that experience in prayer. Anyway, ever since that prayer things have been getting better. The work is progressing and we have a lot to do. Me being the stupid, God forgetting, Natural Man that I am, literally did forget the prayer prayed by all of us, that is until Tuesday night when I was reminded of it. As Bruder Unverricht mentioned it at Plauder Abend, a huge wave of emotion overcame me comprised mostly of gratitude. I said a silent prayer thanking God, and fought back tears. It is absolutely amazing to me how merciful the Lord is to undeserving servants. I love Him and being in his employment.Wedsday was supposed to be a really good day. We had 7 appointments set up. We started out strong with an appointment at noon, but it was all down hill after that. All of the other appointments fell out. We however did keep trying. We were on the streets all day. Elder Hurst was also with us tausching. After he left, Elder Koeven and I decided to go by on a contact that we have had for quite a while but who is never there. It was about 7.30 or 8.00 and we klingeled. We got let in, hiked the stairs (quite excitedly I might add), and talked to a man that we never have seen before. He let us in and we talked for a little bit and ya. He took a BoM and was really cool. His wife, who just had a baby, was our contact. He invited us back and knows a lot about the Mormons because in Nigeria we have a big church that is beautiful. And, in his home town there are tons of Mormons I guess. Love the Africans. But, as he walked out of the room right as he invited us in I looked up and said "I Thank Thee, Lord." It was another tender mercy.This week I've seen His glorious help in more ways than one. I can honestly say that this week we were guided by the Lord. I'm trying hard guys. I just want to be used in the ways that He wants to use me. Whatever it may be. I'm also excited to get my wrist checked out.Its a wonderful life. Talk to you soon.
Elder Chadrey

Mother, I have 104 days left, not 3 months.
First off is this we have several appointments this week.
Second is what happened this weekend. After the past few weeks of losing absolutely everything, Elder Koeven and I got fed up. We decided, after reviewing our President Oaks notes at Zone Meeting, we decided to go through the Area Book one more time. So we did. We called many former investigators, and have 11 appointments set up from Monday to Thursday, the first four days this week! As we were calling and setting up all these termins, the only thought I had was, "Wow, why didn't I do this before!" Needless to say, we are STOKED for this coming week.
And the third and last awesome experience is this. I called a contact that my companion and Elder Thoennes received on a tausch last week. The contact however is in the hospital. But as I was talking to the person who answered the phone, a friend of the contact, I told him what it was we were doing and gave a short first on the phone. We have an appointment with him today at 2 to give him (the friend of the contact, who now is a contact himself) a BoM and review the 1st! Yea for the MTC teaching me how to talk on phones! We are meeting him in the Dome, for that I'm not excited. The Domes are the biggest catholic churches in each city.. so ya its going to be an experience. I've been in them before, but not to teach about the true gospel.
To be honest, I'm sick of not baptizing. I want to get a date set up here so bad. I had a renewed desire as I saw the mission get 4 Baptismal Dates in one day. Especially because they were all in Ruhrgebiet. We are going to work our tails off to get one here soon. Before the transfer ends. Because "We can baptize anywhere!"
Yes, I'm going to Frankfurt March 10th. I don't have anymore info until then. Just have to get an MRI. It should be fun driving down though. My comp doesn't get to go with me, but another Elder. He has to get an MRI on his knee.
We have a problem. My camera broke. The display screen is cracked and I can't see anything anymore. I don't know what to do. I want a camera, but I want a good one. Should I wait til I come home and just not take pictures? I can't see what I'm doing so it'd kinda be stupid to keep trying to take them. Tell me what to do. I'll get on again in a few days to see what you guys are thinking. It would probably be cheaper if you bought a camera there and shipped it to me, but you'd have to unpack it first so I won't have to pay taxes. I want a good one for photo and stuff but still kinda compact so I can carry it around with me. Maybe talk to Cameron A or Chea about it? But let me know what you are thinking. And I still want to get a suit. Can I do that?
Mother Dearest. Stop being sick. It's not good for your health. I seriously can't believe you though. You're like the energizer bunny. You go to school everyday and then on the weekends still take care of kids. You absolutely amaze me. You are my motivation. I say if my 29 year old mom can get up at 4.30 everyday, I can get up at 6.30. If she can go and deal with bratty Jr High kids, I can deal with Germans. If she doesn't get a break, why should I? So I thank you mother, for teaching me to Woman Up and Do It. The only thing I lack is woman organs, but come to think of it, so do you. That makes us even. Look at you, giving up everything to make me feel better. I love you Mom. Get better OK? I'm praying for you.
Transfers are in 2 weeks. I have 14 weeks left out here. I don't like it. All the guys I've known my whole mission are getting ready to leave in two or 8 weeks. Ew is all I have to say about that. Ew. And Jameson gets home this week. That is so weird to me. I remember when he left. I ditched a whole week of school to come and play with him. It was a good choice. Dad, give him a big hug for me, OK?
I'm doing well I guess. Just kinda hanging in there. I'm kinda sick again. I need to get unsick so I can stop being sick cause being sick is bad cause it's hard to study and I still have a bit o Jesus the Christ and PMG and the New Testament and PoGP to read. Not to mention the German BoM once and twice in the English. Bah. Time sucks.
Anyways. I've ran out of things to say. I love you guys and miss you. I guess we'll get to talk to each other soon enough. I really wish it was now though. It always seems to be a big comfort to talk to you guys. And I want a big comfort.
Elder ChArnett