Monday, October 27, 2008

Photos, Photos, Lessons learned


All I can say for this week is, Bah. I think there were some very big lessons to be learned, and I'm still working through them. But as far as the week went work wise...absolutely everything fell out. Everything. We didn't have the chance to teach one sit down lesson. Not with members or investigators! 8 termine (appointments)! It was crazy. Yes, it does get me down, but at the same time, it's not the first time that appointments have fallen out, nor will it be the last. I think the Lord was trying to teach me/us something very special.

The thing is I feel like I've never wanted something so bad as this TaufTermin (Baptism Date) by the end of the month. We have been working really hard to find and teach the elect. We are getting contacts and setting up appointments, but they just aren't there or they call before hand and say that they are no longer interested or that they can't meet with us for one reason or another (in the case of the lady who said God is her best friend, her husband is against churches and doesn't believe in Christ). It's frustrating, but I know that we have to be majorly blessed soon. Or at least I hope.

I'm trying to learn about blessings. I think this is the lesson to be learned. That and tender mercies. It seems to be that when we least deserve blessings they come and when we work hard for them, there seems to be a lack of them. It all comes in the Lord's time. Now this may all be due to our limited and imperfect perspective, but I also think it may be a wake up call of sorts. For example, some days are more productive than others. Some days we are trying our hardest to find someone who will listen, but it just doesn't work. No contacts, no lessons, nothing. But then there are other days when we ride a bus or a bahn somewhere, whether it be a members house or just to go by on a former investigator or something, and are doing nothing but sitting there, when a new contact is found. I think in those instances the Lord is saying, "Hey! There are people everywhere! Stop day-dreaming and do something productive!"

But I don't know. The scripture says, "for there is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven on which all blessings are predicated". According to this, my thought process says that being on the street talking to as many as possible would produce more results as just catching a ride somewhere. But maybe the law is broader than I imagined. I don't know. I wish I did. I think that once we realize how it is we receive the blessing we need, we then realize what we have to do in order to earn them. But the other side of this is tender mercies. Angenommen, all that the Lord gives us as missionaries can be considered a tender mercy. But sometimes it's just hard and we are so down and depressed and in the pit of sorrow and no longer want to fight our way out. Just in that very moment, a contact is found, or a lesson is taught, or something of significance happens that again lifts us. As I once heard said, "Faith isn't faith until you have nothing left to give". Maybe our faith is stronger than we ever thought imaginable. Maybe there is a spark deep down within us that we don't even realize. And maybe it's that spark that allows the Lord to ignite new hope. When we have nothing else to give, that small spark is more visible in contrast to the darkness. It's like a coal that's removed from a hot fire. At mid-day or high-noon the coal appears normal or white, one cannot see the glowing heat that is hidden beneath the layer of charred ash. However, in comparison, during the dense darkness of the midnight hours, the coal glows red despite all that covers it, the light of day is past and the coal is free to glow against the darkness. Sometimes our faith is more visible because of the darkness that surrounds us, so are the guiding lights, a.k.a. blessings. During the day, (when everything is going great) it may be hard to discern the lights that truly lift us, even though they are still there.

But I'm still trying to work through it...I really just don't know the answer. There are so many different variables and so many different ways of looking at it. I mean one way is that the Lord is so anxious to bless us that when we keep even the smallest part of the law we are blessed, but at the same time, it seems that when we are trying our hardest, nothing comes. But I also think it has something to do with balance. If we look at the Gospel of Christ, that is exactly what is always taught. There is a season for everything. We are to be physically fit, but not put our trust in the arm of the flesh. We are to care for our fellow man, but only after everything in our own house is in order. It's all about balances and finding the true balance is the key to happiness. The one thing to keep in mind is that the only way to true happiness is through the Lord Jesus Christ. He showed the way. We are to follow.

I dunno this week was rough. There is no other way to put it.

Dad, interesting proposal with the 12 Nephite Apostles and whether or not they were more or less important than those in Jerusalem. I personally think the answer is obvious. Christ also said that he was to visit other peoples and nations, and knowing that Christ hasn't changed, doesn't change, nor will ever change, I imagine that he did the same as he did on the two continents from which we have records. Why? Because they didn't have satellites that could transmit the words of one Prophet across the world to every nation. We know that new scripture will be revealed before the coming of Christ. It wouldn't surprise me if it was during the time of the BoM or Bible. It doesn't mean that whoever wrote it wasn't a prophet. They just had no way of communicating with the other Prophets at the time. But that's only my opinion. I've been known before to be wrong. It could be that I am again here.

Mother dearest, no I haven't received any parcels or packages or letters. Sorry. Did you send them to my apartment or to the mission office? If it is mission office, I remind you I will only receive them every 6 weeks, if the couples who work in there do not forget. They are, however, prone to do just that.

Also, I don't know if sending me new jeans would be the best idea, cause I know how much jeans cost. Maybe if its an old pair then ok. But I also have to think about room to put things..Which brings me to the jacket. The old one just did not keep me warm. It's annoying. Rule number one to buying things for the cold: Don't do it in Arizona. Yes, I want jeans and a jacket, but at the same time I dunno. What color is the jacket? Brown and lime green right? Hm.. I want to say yes, but I don't know. You and Dad talk it over and decide. I love E. Turvey too. Transfers are November 14th or something like that. I don't know for sure.

1. The Council photo shoot.
2. Me studying and waiting for a train.
I'll send more in another email, cause otherwise it'll be too big.
I don't have much more to say. The week was hard. Next week is Zone Conference and should be good.

I love and miss you both.
Elder ChArnett

Monday, October 20, 2008

Magic Mailbox, Duct Tape and scary CTR rings


Well, yes. It's that time of the week again. Time for me to spill my soul to the beings who gave me life. Consequently, those beings who gave me life are way too proud of me and will share this letter with loved ones via "The World Wide Web". So my greetings to all who may be reading the words of this, Elder Chad Jeffrey Arnett. Welcome to my life.

Well it was another week and they just don't slow down. Monday started out calling me to Hamburg for P-day. I went up there with my trusty sidekick, aka. companion, Elder Zachary Paul Turvey. The Zone Leaders also accompanied me. Why you ask? Well, I was to meet up with some people from my days in Kiel., and the Zone Leaders from Neümunster. Unfortunately, it turned out that way too many missionaries found out that we were going to be in Hamburg with this little posse. You see, the missionaries love both groups of ZL's. So companionship after companionship showed up. It became a big deal and just down right overwhelmed us. But, the small aforementioned small group snuck away and "did lunch". So all was well. Except for one small problem. My pants ripped. In the front left leg. Problem? Potentially, but I'm Chad Jeffrey Arnett, and being the son of a very crafty man, decided to get crafty myself and fix it with Duct-tape. But it only held for a while. So, being the son of a very Home Economical woman, I gave them to a girl to sew. A beautiful mix between craft and home economics. I'm so my parents child. Sadly, it only held until I got home. I now am dealing with the problem of not having jeans to wear on P-days.

Tuesday we had district meeting. That means for me that I have to plan and lead it. Kind of cool, but at the same time full of pressure. I'm always afraid that they are so boring or not spiritual enough. I try to address issues that the district needs addressed though and I try to get us to practice certain things about teaching as to get better. It's always refreshing to get together with the whole district, however. A nice little lift from the everday grind. After District Meeting, we went out to a restaurant to eat schnitzel! Woot! German food! Twas good, thank you for asking. Then Turvey and I mosie'd on back to B-town. We had another appointment with the Da Silveira Family. But they weren't at home! And we haven't been able to get in contact since... Yes, I am sad. I think devastated is a more accurate description. We have been working to get a baptismal date by the end of the month and they were the closest ones to being ready. President Thompson gave a challenge to have every companionship have a person on date by the end of October. Now it's literally going to take a miracle. Please, everyone in the reach of my words, pray for us. Pray that the Lord will soften someone's heart and that they'll be ready to accept the challenge of baptism. Pray that we find the ones who are ready. Pray that we get it before the end of October. Please. Just pray.

Wednesday was one of those days. We had nothing planned as far as appointments go, so we decided to visit a lot of former investigators and less-active members. Sometime the Formers are a gold mine, so I thought, "Yea, why not?" We didn't get in one door, and half the addresses were wrong. But we did find a contact, which breaks a 5 week streak of not getting anyone's information. Is that a depressing piece of info? Yes it is. It's so hard having a good outlook on life and your personal abilities as a missionary when you cannot get anyone's contact info. It has drained me and drained me and drained me some more. I dreaded hitting the streets. But finally, we got someone's info and set up an appointment for Saturday. He's been schooled by the J-Dub's for a while now, but whatever, we'll take it.

Thursday was pretty much the same thing as Wednesday. Just going by on people and trying to find someone to teach. This time around we actually got a door opened up to us and told to come back at a later time because the Notarzt was coming. The emergency doctor. Yea, hope everything is ok over there, cause we need someone to get baptized! But we found two more contacts on this day and were starting to have a good time. We also had an appointment with this semi-inactive member by the name of Henry Helmke. I love this man. He's actually has a Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy Clinic. Kinda cool considering he's blind. He's been in Turkey for the past 10 days or so, and we've missed him. But he spent over 60 Euro on Elder Turvey and I. He bought us some seriously killer shirts. I love that guy. We understand ourselves very well. That was a poorly constructed sentence because it was German. Sorry. I'm trying really hard to have good English when I write. It hurts my head...

Then Friday rolled around. Do you know what Friday means? It means I wake up in fear. Why? Because of a sweet little old lady by the name of Sister Burde. What is it about this lady that scares the CTR ring off of me? One little sentence, "Alles muss aufgegessen werden!" (Shudder) Translated meaning, "Everything must be eaten!" But here's the thing, in English it's kind of a joke. In German, its a command. And the problem is that this woman gives us so much food. I've never, ever, in my entire life been afraid of a meal time. I can honestly now say that I am. Every Friday morning we go shopping with this dear, sweet Sister. She also buys us a lot of food, for which we are grateful. But the problem is that before we get back to her house, we always stop by at a bakery. She buys us so many sweets. It's all just sweet. So much sugar. So much in fact that I am afraid that I might develop Diabetes. And I'm not lying, for it doesn't just stop at breakfast. Oh, no. Every other week, it extends to dinner. And that's even worse. We get stuffed to the point of exploding. And the worst part is that as soon as we have recovered from the sugar crash, it's time to go back to her house for food. Now what's a poor little boy to do? Good question. Some mornings I take a bag, and stuff it with half eaten bakery items that are on my plate. Sometimes I put them in my socks. Sometimes my pockets. Man, I thought people only joked about this part of the mission.
But another really cool thing happened on Friday. We talked to a lady on the street and here is how the conversation went:

Elder Arnett- Hi! Excuse me! My colleague and I are going around for our church today and asking people questions about Faith and God.

Lady- Uh-huh.

Elder Arnett- So...If I may ask, what are your thoughts about God?

Lady- My personal thoughts?

Elder Arnett- Yep, or your opinion.

Lady- He's my best-friend.

Elder Arnett- said nothing and looked confused.

Lady- Are you ok?

Elder Arnett- Yea. I'm sorry, it's just not everyday that I get an answer like that and I wanted to enjoy it...The conversation then continued on to talking about the Book of Mormon and how we can communicate with God. When she said God was her best friend I had no idea what to say. That is the best answer I have ever ever ever gotten. I was so taken aback. I've role played almost every other kind of situation, but I've never thought that I'd get that answer. I mean I'm in a place where when we ask if people if they believe in God, they say 'No! I'm Catholic!' No joke, that is the actual answer I and other Elders have gotten out here. But anyway, we have our first appointment with her tomorrow. I hope she shows up. It's at the church. But the moral of the story is this; God keeps putting people in our path! It's so cool. I've gone so long without this kind of success. We were having baptisms in Kiel, but talking to people on the street has always been really hard for me. Well the talking part is easy, getting information is hard. And a lot of the people just ignore us when we try to stop them. Ugh. But lately it's been getting better. So, HUZZAH!

Saturday I woke up feeling like sick. My stomach was so upset. I was dying. Thank you Sister Burde! But I got up and rolled outta bed and got ready for our appointment with the J-Dub guy. But he wasn't there and I was ticked. We have been getting a lot of good stuff done, but so much has been falling out. I don't write about it cause I get really frustrated, but just know that pretty much everything lately has been falling out. Grrr. But then Saturday just fell apart. The next appointment we had was at 18.00 and also fell out. Well kind of. We made a BoM drop and then got chased out. But whatevs.

Sunday I gave a talk. Again. I've been asked to speak so much here. It's flattering, but it also takes its toll. After church we didn't have an eating appointment so Turvey and I went home. I made my patented Cheesy Noodles. Man Germany has some crazy cheeses. I'm not kidding. America has no idea about it's mold. But then Turvey laid down for a sec because he was feeling a bit woozy. I then proceeded to play hymns on the guitar, something I've never tried before. After I got fed up with my horrible playing and singing, I put on some old fashioned BYU Choir who sang me some sweet sweet songs, "Be Still My Soul" being one of them. And man, that got me. Today was the first day in 3 weeks that I have had the chance to take the sacrament. Two weeks ago was General Conference, and last week we had Stake Conference. So, it's been a while. And, as a missionary I could feel it. I don't know how to explain it. But, the combo of the songs and just feeling alone. It was a good moment that I had alone in the living room. It's hard to describe that spiritual experience, but I had a really good Sunday.

Also, I should mention, it has been raining like crazy lately. It's Northern Germany. It's October. It's getting cold. Very cold. And I have no jacket! My one from last year is worn out. It was a piece of junk. Now, I'm trying to figure out what to do. A lot of the missionaries just have snowboarding/skiing jackets out here cause they are very warm, wind proof and water proof. But I don't know! Bah. But it's my problem and I'll deal with it. Maybe I can make it through winter with the one small jacket I have. Then I can feel like a man and can pull the ol' "Well when I was on my mission..." stuff with my grandkids.

Oh, you remember that one "Master of Galaxy" guy that Elder Ivans and I found in Bremen. Well Ivans and I had an appointment with him and he has had one crazy life. He is a really cool guy though and we love him. But, he had to fight a lot as a kid and he actually caused someone to die while fighting off 5 other kids. Here's a bit of the story. He used to get beat up almost everyday coming home from school by about 5 kids. One day they started beating him up in front of the school and his friend saw and ran to get the teacher. By the time they both got there, this guy had fought off all 5 of them and was banging one of their heads into the ground. He just snapped cause it had been going on for over a year. He started to see red in his eyes this time and it was getting bad. He was also in the hospital after this fight for a long time. It's weird cause this is the most loving guy. He was crying as he told the story. I cried as I heard it. He's been through a lot. We have the chance to help. I love this job.

To my family and friends I want you to know, I do love you. I love everyone who has played a role in my life. But please try to remember, we, the missionaries, are trying. We're not perfect, nor do we pretend to be. But we are trying. I am trying. I've been trying. I'll continue to try. Just love me back and be my friend.

As to your question Dad, I didn't confirm Kim Baumgärtel. She wanted me to, but I wasn't allowed to go back to Kiel. I did, however teach her, committed her to baptism, and was with her until 2 weeks before when I got transferred. Not to mention, she's like my little sister. I've never seen the Atonement change someone as much as it changed her. It was amazing. One of the best experiences of my life.

Mother, here is your question and answer session. First off, I was actually supposed to vote in this election, but my absentee ballet hasn't yet come. Nor do I think It will. So that's that. And why do you think that the country can't stand 4 years of Obama? All I hear is what the Europeans think of him. They love him. Absolutely love him. So ya. I'd like to know. I got a letter from you today with the ward newsletter. Mike Fox is a stud! But other than that I haven't gotten any packages or anything of the sort.

As for Christmas, don't send anything! I don't really need much. Just save the money and let me send stuff home. I need to start cause I only have one suitcase at the moment and way too much junk. I really don't need much. Save the money so I can send stuff home and buy a European suit before I come home. That'll be my Christmas, buying souvenirs and what not. Christmas time is the best time in Germany. It's so cold, but beautiful. And no, I don't know anyone serving in England. Great that Joe is going there though.

As for planning the future, I'll talk to you guy at Christmas and tell you what I'm thinking. Wow, I just looked over the email, I've written a lot. A lot happened last week. Crazy. Today we are heading to Bremen to check out a FreiMarkt. I'm stoked. It's going to be fun. And then me and Ivans are going on exchanges this week. And then District Meeting. Shoot, I have to plan that! It's on Thursday though, so I have a bit. Woot.

So Elder Turvey and I have this thing we call the magic mailbox. We think our mail box is magic. Because we know people are sending us letters. We are so loved, who wouldn't send me a letter? Or him for that matter? I mean he's English. Who doesn't love the British? So we know we are getting letters, but for some reason, every time we check the box, it's empty. We can't imagine that people wouldn't write us, so we think our mailbox is magic. It makes mail disappear! Crazy huh!?!

Well, I think that's about it for me. I'm all out of words. Hope you enjoyed. I love and miss you two. A lot. But the time goes faster and faster with each day. LOVES AND MISSES.

Elder Chadrey

PS. I'm going to try pictures in another email. This one is too big as it is...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Added photos, no news until Monday (P-day)

Pam has asked that I post more photos of Elder Arnett on here. Some of these are from the recent past and some from earlier in his mission. Once again, the beauty of a blog is that if you are interested you can check it out, if you are not you are going to hades anyway and we don't want you around. Okay, sorry for the the A.S.S. statement. Seriously, thanks for any interest you show in our son. He is doing extremely well and has been serving as a district leader in two different cities now for over 6 months. He also has been really blessed with success as a missionary in helping to bring people to the waters of baptism. His setting apart blessing by our Stake President Greer has truly come to pass. He blessed him that he would find success and to not get caught up in the European no baptism stigma. We are grateful for his efforts and for your prayers on his behalf. You have truly been helpful in his service to the Lord. Now back to the Arnett Self-Assured Syndrome (A.S.S. for those of you that don't know what that is, means we are cocky and have absolutely no reason to be, yet we still are). Go figure. If you want to help us in this you can join the A.S.S support group on facebook. We really need help. Here are some interesting photos he sent us.

Monday, October 13, 2008

P-day, Stake conference, street contacting

Oh Parentals. What a week, what a week. Well, if I'm being honest, not that much went down this week. Which is extremely annoying. On monday(PDAY!!woot!), we stayed in Bremerhaven all by our lonesomes so that we could do some serious email-age and just relax. Not to mention that we had an appointment with the Da Silveira family. I don't know if I've told you about these people. If not, then here we go...They are a hilarious family from Africa. Or, to be more correct, the mother, Juilanne Da Silveira, is from Africa. She's been here for 18 years or something like that. She has two daughters. One of which is Autistic. The other's name is Nadja. She's 14. We teach Nadja and Juilanne and it has been a blast. Juilanne can't speak a lick of German, but understands well. She just laughs and laughs, but actually comes up with really good answers to our questions. We just laugh and teach. It's good. Except they only want to meet once a week now. It's good they still want to meet, but it's been hard to get them to make progress. They don't really keep commitments.

On Friday, we had interviews with President. It's where the Zone comes together and we have a meeting and Pres. pulls out a couple of missionaries and just talks to us all one on one. It's a good time and always spiritual. This time around was good, luckily, the President is a man is love and lets us know it. The past while I feel like I'm just complaining a lot. And not changing much. I've been in a slump and I talked to him about it. It helped me, but I still feel stagnant. But the good news is that I trust my Priesthood leaders. Woot.

But the meeting was good. President gave me a cheesecake. It was an object lesson. The whole presentation thing. He just grabbed a big chunk and gave it to me hand in hand. It was funny and the cake tasted good. I love cheesecake. I miss it so bad. It's hard to find a good one here. It was funny. The Zone Leaders did a rap to try to motivate us.

We then stayed the night in Bremen cause there were no trains going back to our city. And it was a good thing that we did stay. There's this Elder, I won't mention his name, but he's having a real rough time. His dad died three weeks before he came out and he's been on anti-depressants. But he was on exchange with Elder Kyle Ivans. I love Elder Ivans. More stories to come. Anyway, we just sat around and let this depressed but ever so numb Elder just talk. It was a really really good talk and I hope it really helped him. I love this Elder though, and we are good friends.

Sunday, yesterday, was Stake Conference. It was in Hamburg, seeing as we are in the Hamburg Stake. To get there on time, Elder Turvey and I had to wake up at 4.30 AM. Not fun. I'm still dead tired. The why will come shortly. During conference, President and Sister Thompson spoke. Also there was a huge group of Americans there and Elder Ivans and I had to translate. It was so hard. I did it once before, but this time around we could barely hear what was being said and they were using old German and it was just crazy. So rough. But we got through it and it turned out well I guess.

Then, after conference was over and I got to see the Lauenburg ward (whom I love greatly), we went back to Bremen with the ZL's. We stayed the night with them cause today we are heading back to Hamburg. Anyway, we decided to make it a real Tausch where I work with one of them. So me and Ivans took off. It was a blast. We taught a lesson to this lady with broken German, we got a contact with this guy who is the 'Master of Galaxy'. No joke, that's his title. He's really cool though and has a cool dog named Milo. I love working with friends like Elder Ivans. Its just fun and natural. We started up so many natural convo's and just had fun, talked the whole way and looked good doing it. We're trying to swing it that he kills me at the end of the mission. Killing means sending me home. And then he comes home 6 weeks later.

And that night, we brought the new Zone Leader into the ONE club. Haha. I love it. Then afterwards me and Elder Ivans made some sweet sweet music. I got my old guitar back from Lauenburg on Sunday. Ivans is good and I was just goofing off, but it sounded really good and we just blow off steam. It's cool. Maybe one day we'll record a jam session for you paps.

So don't worry about the suitcases. I understand. I'll figure something out. I always do. I'm going to have to send stuff home anyway one day, so I might as well do some now, enough so I can fit everything into the bag I have now and one I'll buy. But I'll be real careful with money and stuff. Like I know you guys are going to say that I don't have to worry about it, but how are we doing? I won't worry, but it'll put my mind at ease. Also, I agree dad, the cost of being an EFY counselor would probably exceed the monetary gain. Spiritual, no. But I just had two years of that. I think I'm siding with you on this one.

And that's my week. I gotta run here quick, but I love and miss you two.

Elder ChArnett

Monday, October 6, 2008

Third person, number one, Schwerin off an elder


Well I really don't have much to say this week. It was a pretty crazy fun week though. And then depressing. And then spiritual. In that order. It started out with a ROAD TRIP. Yet again. This time around Elders Dillman, Ivans, Turvey, and Arnett (referring to myself in the 3rd person) drove to a city in the former GDR called Schwerin. Why? Because Elder Dillman was transferred there and was to pick up a new missionary, labeled "Golden's" in the German speaking missions, the next day. It was to be a double transfer and the good and wise Elder Dillman did not want to carry his bags half way across Germany for two days. So we drove it in one. Pictures to come.
This road trip was a good way to end an amazingly fun transfer. Some people come together and there is no "getting to know you" period. Some people just come together and stay together and work together like they have been doing it for ages. That was so with this small band of four (4) Elders. They were so close that they named their group "The Council". They all had code names and three (3) have become followers of the club named "Number One", symbolized by the number one (#1). This club, brought to Europe by Elder Chad Jeffrey Arnett, was formed in a small dorm room in May Hall back in 2006. It has found popularity among the missionaries in the Germany Hamburg Mission and includes such things as secretly holding up the number one when speaking in front of many missionaries. The missionaries who belong to this club and are in attendance then secretly hold up the number one. It is normally done by a touch of the face, faking a scratch or an annoyance of some kind. As aforementioned, the club is spreading rapidly across the mission. Some 30+ missionaries are said to have joined in the past 12 weeks. The club is also in the Dominican Republic, Korea, Taiwan, parts of Texas, Florida, Washington, and according to the female member's loyalty, should still be going strong at BYU.
After the road trip Elders Arnett, Ivans, and Turvey were then in a "dritt". Dritt is a German word for a group of three (3) people. Needless to say, they felt the loss of Elder Dillman whom they had left in Hamburg. But life goes on and change happens. The three (3) strapping young Elders decided to make the best of it. They decided to go to a lounge above a pub. Now before people decide to start accusing these three (3) outstanding missionaries, one should know that they actually had an appointment in this lounge. The appointment went well and the Gospel was discussed over drinks. The investigator thoroughly enjoyed the time together, and the missionaries got some funny looks which will make for good stories in the long run.
After the appointments were had, our heroes slept. They refreshed themselves for the coming day. There was much to do on transfer day. For example, looking good and standing around at the Hannover Haupt Bahnhof, throwing the football back and forth to attract attention to ourselves as Americans who actually know how to catch and throw, and many other things. The unfortunate part of the story is that Elder Arnett was not able to say goodbye to his long time brother-in-arms, Elder Tevin Sautter, who returned home after his two (2) year service. Alas, so is the life of a missionary. Brothers come and brothers go. However, we are forever bonded by our memories.
The week moved on, new companions were found by many Elders, and two (2) of our favorites returned to Bremerhaven, without changes. Depression settled in on them as many things were and were not realized. The things that were realized was that the work is slow, and the members stubborn in this city. Elder Arnett was discouraged and depressed, for he felt as if he could not change what needs to be changed in this city to have the explosion of baptisms that is desired. But then conference rolled around and the force of warriors was inspired to continue fighting, as the always are. Elder Arnett said of the experience, "It's amazing how conference always says what I need to hear." The things the young "Man-Child" was taught by the Spirit of the Lord has strengthened him and helped him to realize what is expected and what he has to do. And thus was the week of Elder Chad Jeffrey Arnett.
Show and Tell. The pictures are of the Baptism of José Humberto Sangurima Barco. One is of the Kiel gang who are in the Number One Club. Many are taken of The Council. Road trip and pictures next to the sign of our destination. And also, watching conference.
Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I love and miss you a lot. I guess I'm doing well considering. But I love and miss you guys a lot.
Like you say dad, time is slipping away. I still have a long while left, but today marks 16 months since I entered the MTC. I do not like that thought at all. But at the same time, I feel it. I'm officially the oldest missionary in my district. I'm older than the Zone Leaders transfer wise. I feel awkward all of a sudden.
Dad, in your next email, please let me know what the blog address is and try to have something up. I really want to see the layout and I'm excited to tell all my friends. Also, Spencer Webster has tried coming by but you aren't home. Get in touch with him.
Mom, no package yet. I'm sure it'll come soon. Thanks for all you do Mother. You keep me going, no lie.

I'm going to go. I miss you both a lot. Thanks for the prayers. We need them.


Elder ChArnett