Monday, May 18, 2009

Short emails? No problem. 3 weeks and we're live

Hi Rentals,
And another week down. We went to a soccer game this week. It was way fun. We want to try it again next week.
I dont have too much to report. Emails just kinda seem redundant nowadays. Herr Bicego is getting baptized this weekend in Mülheim. Thats cool. I taught him and gave him the baptisimal commitment. So thats pretty sweet. I think we are getting close to a date here too, that will also be cool.
I'm going to withdraw the money from my account today probably. So be ready. Thanks for putting some in there. I love and miss you both. Sorry these emails are going to be short the next three weeks. But I have 3 weeks and then we're live.
Im tired all the time.
Elder Chadrey Arnett
Dad, No worries about the phone card, I am coming home in a month, it's really not a big deal. I did have to sit around forever waiting for my comp to get off his 5 and a half hour phone call though. Haha. I'm well and going to get a hair cut right now. Short. I think I'm just going to go bald! Just kidding, Mom. Don't worry. I love and miss you both
Elder Chad Arnett

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