Monday, February 23, 2009

Fatigue, Karneval and Candy

Well this week has been a busy one. But it's been good. I can write again finally. I no longer have the soft cast on. Woot! I think my highlight might have been interviewing Adam for baptism. That man was totally ready for the Taufe. It was awesome. He reminded me of Nicholas in so many ways. I can't really explain, but it was really great for me. It was a nice reminder that there are people who are prepared.
I have had a lot on my mind the past while and a lot of discouraging moments. I've been searching for the reason or reasons why. I have come to a few conclusions.
First and foremost, I think this whole wrist thing has gotten me down. I know it is a poor excuse, but it has robbed me of so many things. It is constantly hurting and the therapy is a joke. I can't do anything. When I wake up it's the worst. It always kills and is so stiff. I don't know, I know it's a sorry excuse, but it does kinda take me down a bit. The church Doctor may want me to go to Frankfurt this week to figure it all out. It just hurts and is annoying. Mal schauen.
Second is just the work. We are still getting some contacts here and there, and trying hard, but we are not having much success. That's the only thing that I feel good about it that -- I'm still trying. I want to do good, I want to help people, and sometimes I have to force myself back to do the same things everyday.
To combat the "natural man" I have been doing all I can. Reading Jesus the Christ has actually helped. There was a paragraph in there that really helped me and I think can help many people and missionaries. It reads, "It is not given to the rest of us, not was it given to Jesus, to meet the foe, to fight and overcome in a single encounter, once for all time. The strife between the immortal spirit and the flesh, between the offspring of God on the one hand, the world and the devil on the other, is persistent through life." The statement, true as it is, is a help and a daunting task. I desire to do what is right. I want to be strong. It's just sometimes unnerving to see that it just gets harder.
But I am doing good, but I am tired. Constantly tired. But, I do feel like I am changing so much right now and it's for the better. It's what I want. I want to continue strong. And I'm going to.
Today we walked in a Parade. Its called Karneval and is sponsored by the Catholic Church. Totally awesome. We walked around for 3 hours listening to techno and screaming Ello! to all the German kids and giving them candy and laughing at all the drunk German people and dancing in the streets and having fun. See look, at the photos. People dress up like Halloween.
I'm tired today. The pictures are of today. Woot today!
Love and miss you.
Elder ChArnett

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a cast not surgery!

Blogger's note: I changed all the letters to capitals for him and found another photo on the internet of him. We are grateful it's only a cast and he doesn't have to have surgery. Hopefully he will stay out of the way of trains, planes and buses.

Dearest Parental Units.

I cannot type correctly with capitals and all that 'cause of this ****** cast. I can't do anything. Yes, I do have a cast, its annoying, I didnt know how important my right hand was until this week. I've been going to therapy everyday this past week and have to again this coming week.

I put my hand in this big magnetic thing and wait for half an hour. One of the bones in my wrist is dislocated and then swelled up. But other than that it's ok. I'm not too mad. it could've been worse.
This week has been crazy though. We had a zone conference with President Oaks of the Area presidency, it was awesome. I learned alot. Also a member here died this week too and that was sad. I've eaten at her place a lot.

I can't type. I'm sorry. Next weeek I'll write you all about everything.

Elder Charnett

Monday, February 9, 2009

Blogger's note: Chad's emails have not been posted for a few weeks because his Father was worried and somewhat "put out" (okay ticked) with his missionary son in Hamburg. It appears he has injured his wrist in some way. We didn't know about it until much after the fact. Just a hint for any future missionaries out there, the last thing parents want to have happen it to find out something two weeks later. Also, they don't want to hear from the church's area doctor and the mission president's wife that he may have broken his wrist and was hit by a train of all things. So, being Chad's overbearing Father, I scolded him. It appears that he has scolded me back and so now I am chillin'. Nevertheless, thanks to the Doctor and Sister Thompson for alleviating any fears Pam and I had. Hopefully, the wrist thing will not be serious. I just wish we had heard about it earlier and he would stay out of the way of trains. Chad sent some photos which accompany his emails and thanks to Elder Josh Lewis I found some other photos of Chad which we didn't have. Those are also included.

February 8th,

And once again the week has flown by leaving me feeling as if I hardly accomplished all that I wanted to, and its not because we're not working, it's because there is just not enough time in the day!
On to more important matters. A ward member is taking me to a doctor here in Mülheim today (Monday) to get an X-Ray, just as the doctor in Frankfurt suggested. So, that is all getting taken care of. So you two can just calm down! And Father Figure, I am offended that you think I wasn't using good judgement. I was waiting for the StrassenBahn/Bus on the platform in the middle of the street. Being a good missionary I was talking to someone with my back turned. I stepped to the side to let a lady pass with a stroller and as I did so my hand was hit. It wasn't hard, it was just bad timing. I moved my hand with it so most of the blow was deflected. It's just that this hurt it more because the day before I fell on it. I think its just too much stress. I can still move it and type and do everything I need to. And its getting checked out. So stop fretting. I'm fine. Sister Thompson called me and chewed me out for not telling you everything, but I swear I did. So there you have it. All is well.
I'm lovin life here. Everything seems to be going my way right now. The ward is really warming up to me and the missionaries in general. They've always loved us, but now I'm starting to feel like a part of the ward. It's a a good feeling. Elder Koeven is great. This transfer is going to be good. Yes he wants to run mornings, hes from St. George. Good worker and chill guy. Chad=Stoked.
Last Monday I went where Hitler walked! That's right. We went to Villa Hügel. If you've ever heard of the Krupp Corporation, that's where the family used to live. Hitler visited there a few times when he took over the company. It was gorgeous there. I loved it. Pictures on the way.
I almost caught a rabbit. I was so close...if only I dove. But I didn't... I'll get him if it's the last think I do.
And that's going to do it for me! I'm fine don't worry.
I love and miss you both terribly!
Elder ChArnett

January 31,
I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm most likely going to have to get an X-ray this coming week on my wrist. What happened you ask? Well to quote the doctor...
Dear Elder Arnett
Your history of injury is as follows.
On 26 Jan 09 you fell on your right wrist and later in the day it was hit by a bus. Pain has occurred distal to the 5th finger near the ulnar styloid process and crease formed by the palmar ulnocarpal ligament. Initially there was some swellling and bruising, but this is gone. At present there continues to be severe pain. Because there may be a fracture of the styloid process of the Ulna, I believe it prudent to obtain an x-ray with an orthopedist to determine if there is a problem. Immobilization of the wrist, Ice on the region, Ibuprofen 400 - 800 mg every 8 hours may be helpful for the time being.
Please have Sr. Thompson help you make an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon in your current area of work.
El RK Maddock
Area Medical Advisor
And there you have it. Now given the doctor makes me sound like an idiot, that's pretty much exactly what happened. And my wrist hurts and has been for the past week and a half. I finally decided I should give someone a call about it considering that it hurts horribly to put weight on it or to move it to the right or left. Its still mobile though. Just hurts like the dickens from time to time.
So this email is a heads up. I'm fine. Yes, I kinda did get hit by a moving object, it was a strassenbahn not a bus, the difference, however, is minimal. Merely rails instead of wheels. What happened? Well, I got hit. Ha. There's not much more to say other than that. And yes, I did fall on it earlier. I just kinda fell though, I didn't try to stop myself. Weird to say, but I didn't know I was falling. And then I hit. And it hurt.

Your ever loving son,
Elder Chad Jeffrey Arnett

January 24th,

Parental Units.
A few cool things happened this week. It's been, once again, hard to get into contact with anyone and getting contacts hasn't been my fortè at the moment. We however have been trying. I feel better than I have in a long time. We are making definite effort to plan completely every night and actually follow through with our plans the next day. It's hard not being too flexible, but I've decided that I need to be more disiplined with myself and not get distracted.
The other really cool thing that happened this week. So, because of admitted bad budgeting and the Ruhrgebiet being allaround too cool, the last week of last month found me without money. The same goes for my companion. We were kinda worried about the situation, but, as always, the Lord provided. Since I've been here I think we have had maybe 3 or 4 eating appointments. But this past week we doubled the eating apointments. We had three and an investigator gave us a catfish to eat. I miss fishing...But that's besides the point. I've been reading in D&C and it talks all about how the Lord provides for his servants. That he does.
So transfers. I'm staying and getting a new comp. The Oberhausen Elders are going to be Elder Warnick, who I love, and Elder Ludlow. Mine is Elder Koevin or something like that. Should be good. I'm stoked, I love Elder Warnick. Woot!
And thats about it for me. I wish I had tons to say, but I don't. You tell the Olsen family thanks for the letter and say hi for me and that I'll write as soon as I can. But, today isn't really p-day. Tomorrow we are having a District Activity so we are just emailing right now. We have an appointment at two so I kinda have to hurry it.
Also dad, I made a boring recording of that one song. But its too big to send... Sorry.
I would like to apologize to everyone who I should've written this week but I just am not able to! Next week, I promise!
And thats going to do it! I miss and love you both. Bis den Näscht!
Elder Arnett