Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lost and found photos

Thanks to the marvels of the internet, I was able to grab (okay steal) some photos of Elder Arnett from recently returned Sister Durham's Facebook postings. I know it's wrong to steal, but these are photos we haven't seen before. I humbly ask for forgiveness to all involved. The photos are from his days in Kiel during the summer months. I bet he wishes it was still summer because it's freezing cold in Muheim.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Renovation and Rejuventation

Units of Parentaldom living in the land of the Valley of the Sun,
Oh yes! This week was so good for me. I don't even know how to explain it. But I'll try. The week started in a dreary way. No one was home or answering their phones or even stopping on the street. It's probably the worst and most annoying feeling in the world. But things turned around for me on Wednesday. I went on a tausch with Elder Thoennes in Essen. It was really good. It rejuvenated me. I also had an extremely awesome spiritual finding experience. We were walking and we crossed the street. I glanced at a door to an apartment complex and thought nothing of it. But at the second glance I had a really weird jump in my stomach. I didn't know what it was and almost walked on. But for one reason or another, I approached the door. As my eyes ran over the klingel box, they caught on a few Chinese names. I pushed the button and waited...and waited...and waited. No answer. So I turned to leave. I stepped of the porch and started walking to Elder Thoennes, but that same, feeling came back. I walked back to the door and my eyes went immediately to a name -- middle row, second from the top. I punched it and we got let in. We hiked the stairs (4th floor) and found the door. As we approached a man appeared covered in dreck from renovation work. We quickly explained who we were and what we were doing. He said he'd love a Book of Mormon and invited us back next week. As we were walking away he mentioned how crazy it was that we showed up when we did. He renovates once or twice in a week and is only there for 3 or 4 hours when he does go there. None of that clicked until I thought about it that night and a huge feeling of gratitude rushed over me. The Lord is amazing.
Anyway, that experience gave me enough energy to carry on the rest of the week. Elder Wood and I were scrambling for lessons and squeezed in 4 on Sunday. The people just aren't home right now for some reason.
But we also set up this week. It's going to be good, I can feel it. And that was my week. I feel really good. I could take on the world right now. I've put my mind completely on the Lord and finally feel like the He trusts me. It's been a hard road to feel like I've earned His trust. Ever since I left Kiel I've felt down. But, the past bit has helped and I'm happy and willing to do whatever needs to be done. Many thanks to my friends which are a huge part in my life. I'm so grateful for the people I've known.
I love and miss you both!
Elder ChArnett

Monday, January 19, 2009

God loves the Arizona Cardinals!

Above: Pam sent Chad many gifts all tied to scriptures. He had to read each scripture then open the gift. #1 Below: Chad's friend made this picture and sent it to him.
#2 Chad cooking steak #3 Chad finished with all the presents. #4 His Christmas stocking #5 Kung-fu fighting #6 The Bowling boys #7 a Muheim baptism


This week was one for the books. I think I learned more about life, myself, and das Menchen Umgehen this week than the rest of my mission combined. Ok, well maybe that is a big overstatement, but I sure did learn a lot.
I wrote a few weeks ago that I was focusing on my feelings and how to control thoughts and attitudes and all that jazz. I feel like this week was the testing of all that. There were many challenges with ward members and misunderstandings, but I think I passed.
I also learned this week how to knit from the Relief Society! Yea! It takes forever though!
And finally the baptism this weekend was really nice. Oh, by the way we kinda had another baptism. I really didn't do much for this one, it was the Oberhausener's really, but I like her a lot and have been to her house and taught her a bit. She's way cool. I had to give a talk at it and I've never been so nervous in my life. I've given so many talks on my mission, but for some reason this one shook me. But, it went well and was a beautiful service and Sister Rittger is now a strong member of M├╝lheim! Woot! I'll send you a few pics of it and things we did this week!
So the Arizona Cardnals huh? Weird. It just goes to show, your home is blessed when you go on a mission. God loves Arizona and the Cardinals.
Today we played volleyball. It was AWESOME. Man it felt so good. I haven't had a good workout in a very long time and today was it. It felt so good to get it all out. I've wanted to go running in the morning, but I haven't been able to convince my companion to jump on that bandwagon yet. It's just so dark and dreary at 6.30 in the morning -- or that's his excuse. The night before we're all excited to get up and go, but the morning rolls around and....ya...
And thats gunna do it for me... My week has been good. No real complaints. I'm just excited for transfers on the 5th..

Elder ChArnett

Blogger's note: As Elder Arnett's time gets shorter so do his letters. We weren't aware of any upcoming baptisms (although there must have been one). We are grateful for the photos he is sending. Also, a big thank-you to Whitney Craft, one Chad's friends from BYU. She found a way to enhance one of Chad's photos and add a saying to it. Also, because of Facebook, I was able to find a photo of Chad at a ward function practicing kung-fu with a member. It was posted by a a German member in Mulheim or Essen. To his German friends thanks for posting the photos of him. To his American friends thanks for supporting him and reading his blog. It should be noted that Chad is not on Facebook. For a while, Whitney Craft updated his profile and stuff. Then after much pleading I was able to convince Chad to allow me, his paps, to be the official keeper of the the Facebook. I must admit to being totally thrilled with this. I'm able to check up on Chad's friends from high school, BYU and his mission. Pam calls it stalking. I call it No one ever comes to visit our house anymore so it's the only way I have to see what's going on. I've reluctantly come to realize that kids don't come to our house anymore because Chad is not here. Go figure.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Two posts for the price of one!

District riding the bahn.
Here's to the New Year with Hot German Chocolate!

January 11th

Parental Units,
It is amazing how quickly the week flew by. I actually think the better word is scary. The days are just flying by...
This weekend I was rather sick. It was a downer for sure. But life is getting better.
The past few weeks have been down as far as lessons go, and as much as I'd like to blame it on sickness and the weather, I know that's not an adequate answer. This week I learned that I can control my own attitude more than I thought possible. I'm trying to understand self control and the emotions that are constantly flowing through my mind. It's a weird feeling to try to understand what I'm feeling instead of just feeling it. But, when I understand where the feeling is coming from, maybe then I can suppress or expand it. I don't know just yet, but I've always enjoyed experiments.
And honestly that's it for me. I know its not much, but there isn't really much to talk about this week. I've been sick and the work has been disappointing. There is still snow on the ground. It's kinda stopped bothering me I guess. If I play it right I don't have to be in it all that much. Just get a lot of appointments. That's the key.
Hey let Diane know I got the package please. And it was greatly appreciated.
That's cool about Mark and Wayne. I hope Mark's film does well. Earning a few bucks and getting known is always good.
I really don't know what else to write. I'm fine, just kinda tired. We're going to play wallball today at the church. I'm excited. I haven't done that since the 4th Grade. Woot for childhood!
I'm gunna go. Loves
Elder ChArnett

January 3rd

Dearest Parental Units,
Once again I find my self sitting in an Internet Laden, hearing languages I don't understand, being choked by secondhand smoke, and teaching off-hand lessons while trying to type. Such is the life.
It snowed 5 inches last night. I hate the snow. It's so cold. The only time I like snow is when it is on a mountain and I'm strapped to a board trying to get as much air as I can. Then I can bear it. But not when I'm walking around in it all day.
This past week was pretty good with it being New Years and all. We were in by 6pm, mission rules. But we stayed up til midnight and watched the fireworks. I forgot how crazy it is here. It's like the 2nd World War all over again. It's amazing how dirty the city turns in one night. One day clean, the next, covered with beer bottles and bomb shells. Yea Germany!
Today we already did our P-day Activity. We went bowling as a district and with Dominic, a 16 year old boy who lives in Essen. He just did a mini-mission for a week.
Paps, I need to know what time Wayne needs to be in Berlin. If I have the time that he has to be there, I can figure out a good route. But until that time, I'm kinda at a loss.
Well, leider, I am, once again, at a loss as to what I should share with you.

Paps, I understand what you mean, about the whole lose everyone that writes you and then you'll understand how to focus thing. I hate to admit it, but it's true. Some people are writing me ab und zu but nothing really that takes me away or distracts me. I've learned to control the thoughts. Thats a plus.
I really don't have much to say. I think I need to get some more Vitaman D so I get undepressed about all this stinkin snow!
I do know Celle and I do know President Jensen. He's a pretty funny man and very educated. It's crazy to think that Sister Allen's dad baptised him.
That's all I got for this week. I'm sorry. I've been really crappy at this writing thing the past couple of weeks...My bad. I'll try to get better.
And dad, stop gettin krunk with the old boys. You Tokin Mormon you.
Elder ChArnett

Blogger's note: Elder Arnett's dad doesn not get krunk with the old boys. He is referencing something I mentioned in my email to him and that is on my blog. I am the token Mormon, though.