Thursday, May 7, 2009

Official announcement

Elder Chad Jeffrey Arnett of the Germany Hamburg Mission will be arriving in Phoenix, AZ Friday June 12th at 3:46pm at Terminal 2. He will be welcomed by his mom, dad and any others that wish to go to the airport. That evening he will be receiving friends and family at his home accompanied by his longtime friend and dog Duffy.
Elder Arnett will be giving his homecoming speech Sunday June 14th at 9am at the Pioneer Ward Building on Guadulupe Road between Higley and Greenfield. That evening, the real festivities begin as Chad will begin his transition to "being in the world, but not of the world" with Paco's Salsa and Chips, and other culinary delights. The party will include a special musical tribute for Chad written and performed by his father.
Also, there will be another "Chadfest" this summer celebrating Chad's 21st birthday. (Remember, he went out as an 18-year old and will be returning as a 20-year old.) The date for "Chadfest 2009" has yet to be determined, but those that are on a "need to know" basis will be informed via text messaging, email, telephone, smoke signal and the newest internet medium, "Wrinklespace". "Wrinklespace" is a soon to be invented internet site by Chad's dad which will be a combination of Myspace and Facebook for people over the age of 40.
Oh, who can forget Chadfests 2004 and 2006... the music, the private lake, wakeboarding and tubing, the people, the food, the organ bonfire, the revelry. More of the same is on the way.

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Dana said...

I won't be able to attend Chadfest this summer due to my impending motherhood, but can I get a T-shirt?