Monday, January 19, 2009

God loves the Arizona Cardinals!

Above: Pam sent Chad many gifts all tied to scriptures. He had to read each scripture then open the gift. #1 Below: Chad's friend made this picture and sent it to him.
#2 Chad cooking steak #3 Chad finished with all the presents. #4 His Christmas stocking #5 Kung-fu fighting #6 The Bowling boys #7 a Muheim baptism


This week was one for the books. I think I learned more about life, myself, and das Menchen Umgehen this week than the rest of my mission combined. Ok, well maybe that is a big overstatement, but I sure did learn a lot.
I wrote a few weeks ago that I was focusing on my feelings and how to control thoughts and attitudes and all that jazz. I feel like this week was the testing of all that. There were many challenges with ward members and misunderstandings, but I think I passed.
I also learned this week how to knit from the Relief Society! Yea! It takes forever though!
And finally the baptism this weekend was really nice. Oh, by the way we kinda had another baptism. I really didn't do much for this one, it was the Oberhausener's really, but I like her a lot and have been to her house and taught her a bit. She's way cool. I had to give a talk at it and I've never been so nervous in my life. I've given so many talks on my mission, but for some reason this one shook me. But, it went well and was a beautiful service and Sister Rittger is now a strong member of Mülheim! Woot! I'll send you a few pics of it and things we did this week!
So the Arizona Cardnals huh? Weird. It just goes to show, your home is blessed when you go on a mission. God loves Arizona and the Cardinals.
Today we played volleyball. It was AWESOME. Man it felt so good. I haven't had a good workout in a very long time and today was it. It felt so good to get it all out. I've wanted to go running in the morning, but I haven't been able to convince my companion to jump on that bandwagon yet. It's just so dark and dreary at 6.30 in the morning -- or that's his excuse. The night before we're all excited to get up and go, but the morning rolls around and....ya...
And thats gunna do it for me... My week has been good. No real complaints. I'm just excited for transfers on the 5th..

Elder ChArnett

Blogger's note: As Elder Arnett's time gets shorter so do his letters. We weren't aware of any upcoming baptisms (although there must have been one). We are grateful for the photos he is sending. Also, a big thank-you to Whitney Craft, one Chad's friends from BYU. She found a way to enhance one of Chad's photos and add a saying to it. Also, because of Facebook, I was able to find a photo of Chad at a ward function practicing kung-fu with a member. It was posted by a a German member in Mulheim or Essen. To his German friends thanks for posting the photos of him. To his American friends thanks for supporting him and reading his blog. It should be noted that Chad is not on Facebook. For a while, Whitney Craft updated his profile and stuff. Then after much pleading I was able to convince Chad to allow me, his paps, to be the official keeper of the the Facebook. I must admit to being totally thrilled with this. I'm able to check up on Chad's friends from high school, BYU and his mission. Pam calls it stalking. I call it No one ever comes to visit our house anymore so it's the only way I have to see what's going on. I've reluctantly come to realize that kids don't come to our house anymore because Chad is not here. Go figure.

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