Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hey-o. Well then, this past week has been killer. I've got a killer cold, we had some killer appointments and a killer tried to kill me. Think I'm kidding? I'm not. But that just makes it that much better!

This week was just such a good opportunity to get to know the members. We had so many member appointments joined with less-actives and non-members/investigators. We got stuffed with Christmas goodies. I loved them last year, but this year they are tickling my fancy. I think it's mostly cause my taste buds are tainted with this blasted cold! I hope they'll start schmecking me soon! Who knows. But its just been way fun getting to know everyone. We met with this sweet old lady named Oma (Grandma) Fischer. I love her. She's so funny and down to earth despite being over 85.

We had an appointment with Champion this week and talked about the Taufe again. He seemed annoyed this time around. It is a bit disappointing, but we are just going to try and keep contact and wait until he gets back from China to push it again. We feel that if we are too persistent about the Taufe, he might walk away. He likes the social part of the Church, so we'll see. I dunno, I'm not gunna hold out too much hope for it before his trip back home. After he'll have a clearer head. We're gunna try and get him to go to church there. Yes, they have wards in China. Just nothing official. As soon as it opens up there will be 4 stakes. No lie. Crazy huh? You better be praying that it opens up. Follow the prophet people!

Bruder Leis, a man married to a member, is making good progress and we met with him three times this week. Parentals, this ward rocks! They have so many activities and things to do...I just love it! It makes the work that much easier. Schwester Leis has her two year Mitglied mark this Wednesday and we are going to take something to her to say congrats and just to wiggle our way into seeing Bruder Leis. We are at their haus for Heilige Abend. Fortschritt! This man has seen many miracles, we just need to get him to feel that extra 'Umph'. Maybe he'll have a baptismal date as a gift for his wife? Who knows. We're working on it.

Last night we went Christmas caroling. I thought I was going to die. We were driving with this one kid who thought he was cool and drove like a mad man. It was funny at first, but after we almost hit 4 cars I got worried. But it was way good. We got to know so many elderly couples in the ward and at the end we sang to nonmembers. I loved this week. We just were running everywhere. We taught 11 lessons. We count lessons in a weird way, but 11 is a lot. We were 3 short of our goal, but naja.

As clarification, we have not had Zone Conference yet. We have it this Thursday. And transfers are next Thursday. I'll get the packages this week so no worries Mother dearest. I didn't buy a coat, but I got an apartment special from Essen that I use. So ya, I think that's all of your questions.

Father, Yes. Yes to the M & W Trip. They are members, they need to go to church somewhere right? Ha. We'll see how it rolls. I really would be stoked to see them. I could then give Mark my wedding present to Kate. I'm so excited for her. I love that girl so much. I told her that, even though she's going to be married, I'm taking her and her Hubbie on a date when I'm back. To A&W, just like the good ol' days.

All in all, this week has been a good one. I came to a realization. I need to be better. Well I've always known and thought that. But this time is different. What brought this about? Well, secretly, my group hit our 18 month mark on the 6th of December. I remember hearing a spruch at the beginning of my mission. The 18th month mark was what some missionaries referred to as the 'slump day'. The year mark was 'hump day'. The 6th month mark was 'bump day'. My trainer told me that Slump Day needed to be changed to Pump Day. I agree. We don't have much longer and we need to pump as hard as we can to get this work done. I've had a feeling my whole mission that I can't describe. Something that tells me I'm supposed to do something specific. I don't know what it is, but I still have the feeling which means I haven't done it yet. That, combined with a need to learn how to recognize the Lord's voice more accurately, has lead me to Operation:(Re)Consecration. What is it? It's my way of doing what needs to be done. I want to be the best I can be. I want the mission to have changed me. I want to speak about it with the same love that Elder Holland had as he spoke about his. The first step is written on my planner... prove to God that He can trust me. This entails ridding myself of distractions. That's this weeks goal. Get rid of anything and everything that might make me lose the Lords trust. I have to do better. I have to be better. I have to become the me I'm supposed to be!

The mission is at an amazing point. People are having visions and being told where to go and what to say and what not! I wanna jump on the band wagon!

Well, I gotta jump. I love and miss you both a ton. I'll let you know next week what my number is and when to call and all that jazz.


Elder Chadwick Meriweather Jeffrey Arnett III

PS. Enjoy the pics. I like you guys getting them from the Sisters better cause I then don't have to worry about it!

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