Monday, November 17, 2008

Maybe I've been here before....

Oh geez. Do you even realize what is happening here? I feel like I'm home. Seriously. But not like home home. Just a missionary home. I love this place. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now, in actuality, I think going back to Kiel would produce the same affect, cause I really miss that place, but I'm in Ruhrgebiet now. And I'm happy.
It was hard saying goodbye to my friends in Bremerhaven. It's amazing how many friends you can find if you are just willing to love.
I'm like a giddy school girl and haven't been able to calm down for quite a while. Sorry if this email is everywhere.
On Wednesday, I stayed with Elder Ivins and Shupe cause Elder Turvey went to Hamburg to get a Golden. It was fun. I'm really missing Elder Ivins right now. I love that kid so much. Too many good times.
Thursday was hard. I said goodbye to many friends. This group that went home is one of my favorites and I'll miss them all dearly. It was fun saying goodbye, only if it was for the short reunion. But, then it was off to the Ruhrgebiet. I traveled with Elder Hurst and Anderson and Hurst's Golden. Hurst and Anderson are some good friends too and I had a blast during the 10 hours it took to get to Essen. But only to Essen. We got in at 11.30 with a posse of missionaries. Everyone followed me and Hurst. I kinda felt bad cause we barged in on the ZL's but they secretly loved it.
Friday we, meaning Elder Wood my new companion and I, got back to our area and started working. Thanks to Elder Duvall for giving me things to do my first week. It's so nice walking into work. I love it here! Saturday we were back in Essen for an Ausstellung. I love being 30 minutes away from all my friends. I've missed this place so much. I saw some members and was surprised that they remembered me. We talked for a bit and then got lunch and then headed back to Mülheim to a few appointments. Saturday night we chilled with the other Elders who serve in the ward, Elders Harmon and Grieder.
Our ward boundaries are so big that they have split it in two and have two missionary pairs working it. I love the District.
Sunday rolled around and was good. This ward remembered me too which is weird. I worked a lot with the Zone Leaders, but not enough to be remembered. There are a few members who I've met and visited, so we have good contact already. But the Bishop is Bishop Geldermann. I love this man. I've known him forever. You wanna know what he said to me when he saw me at church? Ok. He said, in English, "What the hell are you doing here?!?!" and then gave me a huge bear hug. I love that man and am stoked to be here.
This week should be good. I just found out that I have to get a man named Jack ready for Baptism by this Saturday when he takes the plunge. So we've got a lot to do. I love Elder Wood. He's so funny. I love this place so much. BAH! (which, mother, is not a German word, but rather an onomatopoeia. An outward expression on an inner feeling, if you will.)
Yes the work is cut out for me here. People say hi back to me here. It's cool. I'm just excited for the fun to be had.
1 Sisters going home
2 Goodbyes at Bahnoff
3 Clair Rudi and Bernard
4 Old Bremerhaven District
I'm sorry you two, I don't have much time today.
Mom, I now have two suitcases. One of which broke on the way down here. The ones we bought are crap! The wheel split again. But whatever. I do need my inhaler once in a while, but nothing to bad. I usually forgo using it and just suffer til it stops to teach my body that I won't take anymore of its bull.
Stuff is being mailed home starting with an envelope of letters. Just put it in my room unopened if you would. Dad. I would love love love to see Wayne and Mark. It would be so surreal! I'm down! Just get me dates and what not. I don't know if President will let it fly, but I think if I could set up something with Ronja it would be fine! Just let me know!
I gotta run. We're playing B-Ball in a little here.

I love and miss you both terribly. More info next week when I have more time!

Elder ChArnett

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