Monday, November 3, 2008

Hoping for a White Christmas

Dearest Parental Units.
Well once again, the week has flown by. I'm still a bit disappointed with the results of the work, but sometimes it just happens. We have no influence when it comes down to the decision making of other individuals. It's kind of depressing, but an integral part of the Father's plan.
A few new and interesting experiences this week. I most definitely learned a lot, yet again. It's been a common theme the past few weeks.

Zone Conference, as usual, was inspiring and uplifting. Sister Thompson's theme was amazing and exactly what I needed. Funny how that always seems to work out. It was good getting together with everyone and just feeling the Spirit. I loved how it was so spiritual but fun and energizing. Exactly how it should be, meine Meinung nach!

After ZC, I had the opportunity to interview Audra for baptism. Audra is a lady that the Sisters in Bremen have been teaching. It was kinda a sketchy situation, but it all worked out in the end. I'm just glad I interviewed her after Zone Conference. The spirit was strong. It was the first time I've interviewed on my mission, or period for that matter, and it was a sobering experience. During the closing prayer, I realized that, at that moment, I stood between this woman and Eternal Life. I felt of the seriousness and the joy of baptism as I pronounced her ready to make the sacred covenants. It was a moment that I won't soon forget.

This week we called the lady who we found on the bahn. I talked to her husband and as I introduced myself, he got really excited and said that his wife told him all about us. They have two children and want us over for dinner. It was an amazing conversation and just filled me with hope. We will call again this week to set up an appointment. Huzzah!

Those were probably the high points of the week. We did get attacked by a drunk man, but that's why we love Germany! He was on a bike and we sparred for about 35 minutes verbally, and after that you don't want to know what he did to us!
On Friday, I snuck out about half of the Sister Burde meal! I'm so proud of myself! I didn't die because of sugar! Woot!

We tried really hard to get a baptismal date by the end of October. I'm sorry we didn't accomplish it. But the effort changed me. I want to be and do better. It's been a slow, but steady transformation and one that I'm grateful for. I love the idea of a white Christmas, and I dedicate myself now and fully to this goal. The white Christmas is the goal for the mission that the every city has a baptismal date by Christmas, hence the white Christmas. I love it! Such a good idea!!!I've learned much this transfer. I do not believe I could have learned it in any other situation. I'm so grateful for an amazing companion accompanied by an amazing district.

As we were riding back from Cuxhaven last night, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude swept over me. I was thinking of all the blessings I've received out here. It was sparked because today is Nicholas Garbacz's 1 year member mark. The Lord has blessed me so much during my mission. All of the success I've seen has not come because of me, but rather because the Lord is merciful. I remember when Josè told me in the changing room that I was his savior. Lower-case on purpose. I cried then and I cried yesterday when I thought about it. I love this work. It is the most important thing I could ever do. I'm so grateful for the chance I have to make a difference and the difference it will make in my life.
It's true. Praise the Lord, it's true.

This time next week we'll know if I'm getting transferred or not. I'll keep you updated. I kinda get the feeling that I'm leaving. Why? Because Elder Turvey is ready to go Sr Comp and this companionship is too much fun. Good things can't last three transfers! This is a mission! No Smiling! (of course, I'm not serious). Missions are the most fun you can have. As THE Elder Holland told us when he was here in Hamburg, "If you miss the fun, you miss it all." And now to paraphrase, 'We want you missionaries to have fun. Enjoy yourselves. And baptise while you're at it.' So there. (Missions are fun.)

Well parentals, time is short today. I must go and buy a Jacket. Mom, no worries, you taught me well, and I think with a little ingenuity I can repair my jeans. I did get the Halloween parcel. Thank you very much.
I will try to send a few pictures in a different email. Also, last night we were with Bremen, and we recorded our talk. It somewhere around 45 minutes, so don't listen if you don't have time. It's random. But I love you. I'll send it in a different email. On this email I will attach a song I sang with Ivins on the guitar gettting ready for our White Christmas. Remember Christmas here is really December 6th. Don't make fun of my voice. I know I'm bad. But enjoy. It's about a month off and I'm not professional, but whatever.

Ok that's gunna do it for me this week. We're running out of time... Sorry!

Elder ChArnett

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