Thursday, November 27, 2008

Additional photos while waiting for the next email

The Kiel District Serving at the Outreach Center.
Four past and future wakeboarders now preaching the gospel.

Elders and Sisters with Outreach Institute members at a get together.

Four past and future wakeboarders now preaching the gospel wishing they had a wakeboard and wishing it was legal to do on a mission.

On a ferry boat during P-day at the Yacht Harbor outside of Kiel.

Thanks to Sister Lynn Durham who recently returned from her mission for providing us with some photos we've never seen. She was kind to provide us with some shots of Chad's time in Kiel during the summer months. For the record, it's okay to ride on ferry's and boats in their mission mainly because there is so much water and in some areas it is the only way to get around easily. Hamburg has more canals and waterways than Venice, Italy and Kiel is the sailing capital of Germany. Chad won't be seeing much ocean during the next few months as he is back down in the southwestern part of Germany again. He was lucky to serve in coastal cities on both the Baltic and North Seas. Now it's back to the cold regions close to the Netherlands and Belgium borders. We also hope to receive additional photos from Sister Wilson who also served in Kiel. Both Sisters went to Germany at the same time as Chad and have completed ther missions. Keep the photos coming sisters. We always knew we could count on the "sisters" to get things done and as all the Arnett neices who have served keep telling us, "sisters" make the best missionaries. While we are at it, an official congrats to Chad's cousin Lexie on her mission call to Washington DC South.

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