Monday, October 6, 2008

Third person, number one, Schwerin off an elder


Well I really don't have much to say this week. It was a pretty crazy fun week though. And then depressing. And then spiritual. In that order. It started out with a ROAD TRIP. Yet again. This time around Elders Dillman, Ivans, Turvey, and Arnett (referring to myself in the 3rd person) drove to a city in the former GDR called Schwerin. Why? Because Elder Dillman was transferred there and was to pick up a new missionary, labeled "Golden's" in the German speaking missions, the next day. It was to be a double transfer and the good and wise Elder Dillman did not want to carry his bags half way across Germany for two days. So we drove it in one. Pictures to come.
This road trip was a good way to end an amazingly fun transfer. Some people come together and there is no "getting to know you" period. Some people just come together and stay together and work together like they have been doing it for ages. That was so with this small band of four (4) Elders. They were so close that they named their group "The Council". They all had code names and three (3) have become followers of the club named "Number One", symbolized by the number one (#1). This club, brought to Europe by Elder Chad Jeffrey Arnett, was formed in a small dorm room in May Hall back in 2006. It has found popularity among the missionaries in the Germany Hamburg Mission and includes such things as secretly holding up the number one when speaking in front of many missionaries. The missionaries who belong to this club and are in attendance then secretly hold up the number one. It is normally done by a touch of the face, faking a scratch or an annoyance of some kind. As aforementioned, the club is spreading rapidly across the mission. Some 30+ missionaries are said to have joined in the past 12 weeks. The club is also in the Dominican Republic, Korea, Taiwan, parts of Texas, Florida, Washington, and according to the female member's loyalty, should still be going strong at BYU.
After the road trip Elders Arnett, Ivans, and Turvey were then in a "dritt". Dritt is a German word for a group of three (3) people. Needless to say, they felt the loss of Elder Dillman whom they had left in Hamburg. But life goes on and change happens. The three (3) strapping young Elders decided to make the best of it. They decided to go to a lounge above a pub. Now before people decide to start accusing these three (3) outstanding missionaries, one should know that they actually had an appointment in this lounge. The appointment went well and the Gospel was discussed over drinks. The investigator thoroughly enjoyed the time together, and the missionaries got some funny looks which will make for good stories in the long run.
After the appointments were had, our heroes slept. They refreshed themselves for the coming day. There was much to do on transfer day. For example, looking good and standing around at the Hannover Haupt Bahnhof, throwing the football back and forth to attract attention to ourselves as Americans who actually know how to catch and throw, and many other things. The unfortunate part of the story is that Elder Arnett was not able to say goodbye to his long time brother-in-arms, Elder Tevin Sautter, who returned home after his two (2) year service. Alas, so is the life of a missionary. Brothers come and brothers go. However, we are forever bonded by our memories.
The week moved on, new companions were found by many Elders, and two (2) of our favorites returned to Bremerhaven, without changes. Depression settled in on them as many things were and were not realized. The things that were realized was that the work is slow, and the members stubborn in this city. Elder Arnett was discouraged and depressed, for he felt as if he could not change what needs to be changed in this city to have the explosion of baptisms that is desired. But then conference rolled around and the force of warriors was inspired to continue fighting, as the always are. Elder Arnett said of the experience, "It's amazing how conference always says what I need to hear." The things the young "Man-Child" was taught by the Spirit of the Lord has strengthened him and helped him to realize what is expected and what he has to do. And thus was the week of Elder Chad Jeffrey Arnett.
Show and Tell. The pictures are of the Baptism of José Humberto Sangurima Barco. One is of the Kiel gang who are in the Number One Club. Many are taken of The Council. Road trip and pictures next to the sign of our destination. And also, watching conference.
Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I love and miss you a lot. I guess I'm doing well considering. But I love and miss you guys a lot.
Like you say dad, time is slipping away. I still have a long while left, but today marks 16 months since I entered the MTC. I do not like that thought at all. But at the same time, I feel it. I'm officially the oldest missionary in my district. I'm older than the Zone Leaders transfer wise. I feel awkward all of a sudden.
Dad, in your next email, please let me know what the blog address is and try to have something up. I really want to see the layout and I'm excited to tell all my friends. Also, Spencer Webster has tried coming by but you aren't home. Get in touch with him.
Mom, no package yet. I'm sure it'll come soon. Thanks for all you do Mother. You keep me going, no lie.

I'm going to go. I miss you both a lot. Thanks for the prayers. We need them.


Elder ChArnett


Mike said...

Chad, I miss your antics and our probably-not-allowed-but-done-anyway calls until 10:30(ish).

chop sticks said...

haha man-child. Chad you are such a talented writer! And missionary, nonetheless. You are missed in G-town, keep working hard. You are an example to us all :]