Monday, October 13, 2008

P-day, Stake conference, street contacting

Oh Parentals. What a week, what a week. Well, if I'm being honest, not that much went down this week. Which is extremely annoying. On monday(PDAY!!woot!), we stayed in Bremerhaven all by our lonesomes so that we could do some serious email-age and just relax. Not to mention that we had an appointment with the Da Silveira family. I don't know if I've told you about these people. If not, then here we go...They are a hilarious family from Africa. Or, to be more correct, the mother, Juilanne Da Silveira, is from Africa. She's been here for 18 years or something like that. She has two daughters. One of which is Autistic. The other's name is Nadja. She's 14. We teach Nadja and Juilanne and it has been a blast. Juilanne can't speak a lick of German, but understands well. She just laughs and laughs, but actually comes up with really good answers to our questions. We just laugh and teach. It's good. Except they only want to meet once a week now. It's good they still want to meet, but it's been hard to get them to make progress. They don't really keep commitments.

On Friday, we had interviews with President. It's where the Zone comes together and we have a meeting and Pres. pulls out a couple of missionaries and just talks to us all one on one. It's a good time and always spiritual. This time around was good, luckily, the President is a man is love and lets us know it. The past while I feel like I'm just complaining a lot. And not changing much. I've been in a slump and I talked to him about it. It helped me, but I still feel stagnant. But the good news is that I trust my Priesthood leaders. Woot.

But the meeting was good. President gave me a cheesecake. It was an object lesson. The whole presentation thing. He just grabbed a big chunk and gave it to me hand in hand. It was funny and the cake tasted good. I love cheesecake. I miss it so bad. It's hard to find a good one here. It was funny. The Zone Leaders did a rap to try to motivate us.

We then stayed the night in Bremen cause there were no trains going back to our city. And it was a good thing that we did stay. There's this Elder, I won't mention his name, but he's having a real rough time. His dad died three weeks before he came out and he's been on anti-depressants. But he was on exchange with Elder Kyle Ivans. I love Elder Ivans. More stories to come. Anyway, we just sat around and let this depressed but ever so numb Elder just talk. It was a really really good talk and I hope it really helped him. I love this Elder though, and we are good friends.

Sunday, yesterday, was Stake Conference. It was in Hamburg, seeing as we are in the Hamburg Stake. To get there on time, Elder Turvey and I had to wake up at 4.30 AM. Not fun. I'm still dead tired. The why will come shortly. During conference, President and Sister Thompson spoke. Also there was a huge group of Americans there and Elder Ivans and I had to translate. It was so hard. I did it once before, but this time around we could barely hear what was being said and they were using old German and it was just crazy. So rough. But we got through it and it turned out well I guess.

Then, after conference was over and I got to see the Lauenburg ward (whom I love greatly), we went back to Bremen with the ZL's. We stayed the night with them cause today we are heading back to Hamburg. Anyway, we decided to make it a real Tausch where I work with one of them. So me and Ivans took off. It was a blast. We taught a lesson to this lady with broken German, we got a contact with this guy who is the 'Master of Galaxy'. No joke, that's his title. He's really cool though and has a cool dog named Milo. I love working with friends like Elder Ivans. Its just fun and natural. We started up so many natural convo's and just had fun, talked the whole way and looked good doing it. We're trying to swing it that he kills me at the end of the mission. Killing means sending me home. And then he comes home 6 weeks later.

And that night, we brought the new Zone Leader into the ONE club. Haha. I love it. Then afterwards me and Elder Ivans made some sweet sweet music. I got my old guitar back from Lauenburg on Sunday. Ivans is good and I was just goofing off, but it sounded really good and we just blow off steam. It's cool. Maybe one day we'll record a jam session for you paps.

So don't worry about the suitcases. I understand. I'll figure something out. I always do. I'm going to have to send stuff home anyway one day, so I might as well do some now, enough so I can fit everything into the bag I have now and one I'll buy. But I'll be real careful with money and stuff. Like I know you guys are going to say that I don't have to worry about it, but how are we doing? I won't worry, but it'll put my mind at ease. Also, I agree dad, the cost of being an EFY counselor would probably exceed the monetary gain. Spiritual, no. But I just had two years of that. I think I'm siding with you on this one.

And that's my week. I gotta run here quick, but I love and miss you two.

Elder ChArnett

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