Saturday, October 18, 2008

Added photos, no news until Monday (P-day)

Pam has asked that I post more photos of Elder Arnett on here. Some of these are from the recent past and some from earlier in his mission. Once again, the beauty of a blog is that if you are interested you can check it out, if you are not you are going to hades anyway and we don't want you around. Okay, sorry for the the A.S.S. statement. Seriously, thanks for any interest you show in our son. He is doing extremely well and has been serving as a district leader in two different cities now for over 6 months. He also has been really blessed with success as a missionary in helping to bring people to the waters of baptism. His setting apart blessing by our Stake President Greer has truly come to pass. He blessed him that he would find success and to not get caught up in the European no baptism stigma. We are grateful for his efforts and for your prayers on his behalf. You have truly been helpful in his service to the Lord. Now back to the Arnett Self-Assured Syndrome (A.S.S. for those of you that don't know what that is, means we are cocky and have absolutely no reason to be, yet we still are). Go figure. If you want to help us in this you can join the A.S.S support group on facebook. We really need help. Here are some interesting photos he sent us.

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